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A wrap up…

We conservatives have two major problems. I’ve said it dozens of times before but one of those problems is that we don’t do “join” well. The left, on the other hand, does “join” exceedingly well. They gather together, share resources, and help each other very, very well. The other problem we have is cash.


Again, the left funds as well as it joins. The left supports its side very handsomely with generous and constant donations. The left also has a bevy of deep pocketed supporters that target the new media with their money. Media Matters, George Soros, DailyKos,, these people and entities flood the left-O-sphere with much need cash to further their message. Their tendrils reach far and wide and they control the message well with their cash.

Unfortunately, on the right we neither “join” well in coordinated efforts, nor do we have very many people or entities that help fund us directly. Nor do we even see organizations on the right that try to engage in efforts to help train and organize the conservative new media to disseminate the conservative, free market message via the New Media.

But the Sam Adams Alliance has stepped up to the plate to do just that and this is why the Second Annual Sammies, has come about. The Second Annual Award ceremony was held on April 18, 2009 in Northbrook, Illinois, just north of Chicago, at the Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel. So, with the cash prizes awarded to worthy bloggers at the Sammies, we find the Sam Adams Alliance fulfilling at least in some ways the effort to encourage conservative voices in the New Media as well as vote fraud watchdogs and good government activists. Money is always in short supply on the right, for sure, so this is a help. But even more importantly are the things that Sam Adams does behind the scenes to help coordinate bloggers, train them, and offer resources to further the message.


So, along with the big names — Michelle Malkin, Joe the Plumber, John Fund, et al — are the hard working bloggers and those new media worker bees that are bringing the conservative message to a country so inundated with leftist trope and propaganda.

Three cheers for Sam Adams Alliance. May more conservatives groups like this realize what the New Media can do for the conservative cause. And here’s wishing Sam Adams many years of continued support of the conservative New Media community.

Congratulations to the following award winners:

Melissa Coulthier – Microblogger of the Year
Ruth Bendl – Voter Watchdog Award
Seth Cooper, Fred Baldwin, and John Wynne – Wikiteer Award
James Bell – Tea Party Award
Elizabeth Crum – Blogivist of the Year
Chad Everson – Blogger of the Year
Austin Bragg and Caleb Brown of the CATO Institute– Best Video
William Carlin Walker – Sunshine Award
Ari Armstrong – Modern-Day Sam Adams Award
Paul Jacob – Lifetime Achievement Award

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Photo Highlights


The Dining Room

The Lovely Mary Katherine Ham of the Weekly Standard

Me and Joe Wurzelebacher (Joe the Plumber)

Me and Michelle Malkin

Winning Video: The ABC’s of Virginia Alcohol Law


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