Burris Deals From a Full Deck of Race Cards

I have been saying for some time that we will have our recalcitrant Illinois Senator Roland Burris representing himself… er, I mean us… at least until 2010 and quite probably during the upcoming primaries for those seeking a full term afterward, as well. This weekend more proof to that eventual end was arranged by a room full of black ministers from Chicago.


ABC channel 7 news televised a report of Senator Burris’ appearance in a church on the south side of Chicago for a laying on of ministerly hands and a defiant claim that he isn’t going anywhere but right back to Washington D.C.

The black church was full of hosannas for Roland Burris as he kept race front and center by reporting that his most cherished vote thus far was for a resolution recognizing the black slaves that helped build the Capitol back in the late 1700s.

“It’s a long overdue recognition for the part they played during our nation’s earliest days,” Burris told the congregation.

If you are wondering why all this race specific talk is going on, don’t. Burris is appealing for all he’s worth to blacks in Chicago to fend off the calls for his resignation. He’s dealing from a whole deck of race cards in a desperate attempt to save his seat. Naturally, it is working, too. ABC 7 reports that Rev. Dr. Albert Tyson III. told the church goers, “If you will stop trying to make something out of nothing, you will discover that the senator is the right person for the right job at the right time.”

Former radical Black Panther member and now Congressman Bobby Rush (D, Chicago) even intimated that if Teddy Kennedy could kill someone and stay in office, why can’t a liar from Illinois scoot by unpunished. With logic like that, who could argue.


“There have been senators who have been drunk, drove off a bridge, people died, no outcry for their resignation,” Rush told reporters referring to the 1969 Chappaquidick incident where Teddy Kennedy left Mary Jo Kopechne to drown after he drove his car off a bridge, her inside. How’s that for audacity, eh?

It is highly doubtful that Roland Burris will be stepping down any time soon. My guess is he’ll announce that he’ll run for election in his own right for the 2010 election, too. Furthermore, his Senate seat will be forever anon defined as “Illinois’ black Senate seat” by Chicago’s race exploiting Democratic Party.

Not even God himself would be heeded should he demand Burris to resign. It’s the Chicago way, folks. Get used to it.


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