McCain Warms to Calling Obama a Liar

In the hours after President Obama’s not-the-state-of-the-union address, the Networks rounded up the usual suspects to give reply to the speech. CBS, for its part, found the always smiling John McCain asking for his reaction to Obama’s starry-eyed rhetoric and long list of promises.


The prosaic, yet perky, Katie Couric asked McCain if Obama “convinced him at all” with the rhetoric? McCain, after saying Obama’s was “a very effective speech,” seemed, though, to call the president a liar — though certainly in the nicest way possible.

Still, McCain said, “now I would like to know how we are going to implement it.”

“I don’t know where Social Security was,” McCain said. “I don’t know how you increase all of these programs and still cut spending to a point where you cut the deficit in half.”

McCain then addressed the earmarks issue:

“But when he says there are no earmarks – I just picked up a bill that we are going to take up tomorrow that has 9,247 earmarks in it,” a combative McCain continued. “What am I supposed to believe here?”

What are you supposed to believe, indeed, Senator? What are we all supposed to believe?

The Democrats would have us believe that Obama can with one stroke of a pen push the deficit to $1.5 trillion, then slash that same deficit in half in but a few short years. The Democrats would have us believe that suddenly Social Security and Medicaid/Medicare is no factor. The Democrats would also have us believe that there are no earmarks in this bill merely because instead of adding the pork spending as addons, they’ve written them straight into the thing (as if that makes any difference to the wild overspending).


McCain got as close as he might to calling Barack Obama an outright liar.

Let’s hope as the days move forward the drum beat of Obama lies gets louder. The American people need to be confronted with Obama’s obfuscation.

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