More L.A. Times God-Like Obamaconography

In yet another example of the absurd, even borderline blasphemous depictions of Barack Obama as if he were a religious figure, the L.A. Times foisted upon its customers an amazing specimen as a wrap around over its newsstand copies of the paper leading up to inaugural day last week.


Freeper “puffer” was so amazed at the audacity of this L.A. Times imagery, he had to scan the sheet and display it on The photograph is reminiscent of one of the most famous and iconic depictions of God in western art, the Sistine Chapel painting of God reaching out to Adam. But, instead of God, we have The Obammessiah reaching across the page as if straining to touch each of us with his healing hand. It’s quite disgusting, really, the way the Old Media has propagandized for Obama by replicating religious imagery or communist propaganda and this over-the-top image is a perfect example.

Now, compare this dubitable image to this close up of the image at the Sistine Chapel:

The L.A. Times image certainly recalls the image of God reaching out to man, does it not?

This is the sort of garbage that cannot help Obama in the long run. The more this man so short on experience is puffed up, the farther and harder he can fall. Instead of treating the man as if he were the second coming, a more realistic image of him should have been employed for once we begin to see the cracks in his ability to heal the sick and feed the masses from a few fishes and loaves, the disappointment will surely be galling to those who imagine that they will get free houses, money and jobs from this faux messiah.


There was a day when the Old Media proclaimed itself far too cynical, somehow too grown up to fall for such sycophancy. But that is no more. Now the media has enmasse succumbed to a worship of this messianic figure, Obama.

I’d feel sorry for Barack Obama if he hadn’t encouraged such worship throughout the campaign by his empty “we are the ones” style of rhetorical flourish.

It is sure to be a hard fall.


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