Logic Fail: Katie Porter (D-CA) Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

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Democrat Representative Katie Porter, who represents California's 47th Congressional District, which includes the beachfront communities of Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, is logic-challenged.


OK, now I mentioned that she's a politician, and a Democrat at that, which pretty much guarantees a certain level of illogic. But in a recent post on X (formerly Twitter) which I'm sure Rep. Porter thought was clever, she left herself wide open - deservedly so - for ridicule.

So only women load dishwashers? Wow. 

For one thing, that's staggeringly sexist. We have a dishwasher, and while we rarely use it - it's just the two of us, and we use surprisingly few dishes, making it easier to just wash them in the sink - when we do use it, I generally at least help with the loading and unloading. Is Representative Porter implying that men are somehow incapable of this simple task? Because that assertion, Rep. Porter, is sexist. Shame on you!

Now, with that said, I'd like to ask Rep. Porter if she has the figures at hand between the energy costs in hot water, etc. between hand-washing or using a dishwasher on, let's say, two plates, two knives and forks, a saucepan, a spatula, and a frying pan - what we used here to prepare supper last night. Do you have those figures at hand? No? Then why are you lecturing us on the use (or non-use) of dishwashers?


Hell, I think I'll just start using paper plates. We recycle paper here in the Great Land by the use of a neat device called a "burn barrel," so I can save water and energy and contribute to climate change all at once!

Also, let's apply this "logic" to some other legislative matters that Democrats in general love to whinge on about.

If you don't shoot guns, don't legislate about them.

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If you don't drive a truck, don't legislate about them.

If you don't use a wood stove for heat, don't legislate about them.

If you don't use a grill, don't legislate about them.

If you don't know about biology, don't legislate to let boys play on girls' sports teams.

If you don't use a lawnmower, don't legislate about lawnmowers.

If you aren't a farmer, don't legislate about agricultural practices or equipment.

There are just so many ways in which this "logic" comes back and bites Rep. Porter that it's not even funny; it's just sad.

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Look, California's 47th Congressional District is free to vote for the representation they want, and in Katie Porter, they are getting it, as Mencken said, good and hard. She has apparently never seen a piece of intrusive legislation she didn't like, she calls the border mess a "supposed border crisis," and she's implying that only men load dishwashers. 


She does find one acorn: Congress has no business telling the American people what kind of dishwashers they should or shouldn't be allowed to buy. But that doesn't dismiss the horrendous logic, the sexism, or the many other ways in which Katie Porter finds it perfectly acceptable to legislate on things she knows nothing about. Like guns.



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