Harvard Law Review Editor, Facing Misdemeanor Assault Charges, Lands Plush (and Ironic) Clerkship

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Sometimes, it's hard to remember that Harvard Law School is the same institution that once cranked out legal and constitutional scholars like Alan Dershowitz. Similarly, it's hard to remember that the nation's capital city, Washington, D.C., has a municipal government that has long since been captured by ideological "progressives." But both of those things are true, and now they have combined to produce a real head-scratcher, in which a Harvard Law student, one who is currently facing charges of assault and battery and violation of the Massachusetts Civil Rights law, has landed himself a sweet gig at the District of Columbia's public defender's office.


The student, identified in a Washington Free Beacon report as Harvard Law Review editor Ibrahim Bharmal, has landed an immigration law clerkship with the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia, according to a LinkedIn post. Bharmal and divinity school graduate student Elom Tettey-Tamaklo were each charged with two misdemeanors on May 19 stemming from their conduct at an Oct. 18 "die-in" protest held outside Harvard Business School. Bharmal and Tettey-Tamaklo were captured on camera accosting a first-year Israeli business school student, surrounding the student and making it difficult for him to walk freely, as keffiyeh-clad onlookers shouted, "SHAME!"

It should surprise no one that I have some questions.

First, Bharmal (let me guess where he stands on the Israel question) and his counterpart, one Elom Tettey-Tamaklo, were charged with two misdemeanors for what sure looked like threatening an Israeli student. But wait — a divinity student? Nothing shouts "divinity" like accosting and assaulting another student who had done nothing except happen to be Jewish.

Second, shame for what? Being Jewish?

Harvard has surely slipped from the days when young Alan Dershowitz was attending if these two are typical of the student body today.


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But wait! There's more!

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the D.C. public defender's office shared a post about Bharmal on LinkedIn, detailing his experience as a law clerk and thanking him for his "commitment to our clients." Bharmal says in the post that, after graduating Harvard, he would like to support "immigrants, asylum-seekers, and other newly arriving neighbors." The post also revealed a "fun fact" about Bharmal: "He is currently training to be a bollywood spin instructor...class sign-ups incoming."

The office did not respond to a request for comment on whether it was aware of Bharmal's ongoing legal proceedings.

A Bollywood spin instructor? One has to wonder how that differs from any other sort of spin instructor. Apparently, in Bollywood, they spin differently. But let's take a look at the "clients" he considers having a "commitment to." He lists "immigrants, asylum-seekers, and other newly arriving neighbors." Is it a stretch to assume that this means "illegal aliens?"

So, another leftist, attending a horrifically expensive Ivy League school, an antisemite, an Israel hater, an advocate for illegal immigration into the United States, a person willing to assault people he disagrees with, and he's being rewarded with a job in the nation's capital. Did the District of Columbia's Public Defender's office not have one applicant who isn't being charged with assault and battery? Because this is what assault and battery looks like:


During the now-infamous "die-in," Bharmal and Tettey-Tamaklo were filmed pushing and shoving the Israeli student as others surrounded him, using keffiyehs to block their own faces and the Israeli student's view. The protesters repeatedly shouted, "SHAME!" as the Jewish student said, "Don't grab me," and "Don't touch my neck."

Footage of the incident was first reported by the Free Beacon.

It's important to note here that the consequences faced by Bharmal are from the Massachusetts legal system. It seems obvious that if this kind of behavior is tolerated, if there are no consequences, then it will escalate. In time, there will be tragic consequences. Harvard, in what appears to be a hands-off approach, has taken no steps to address this as of this writing, even after at least one member of Congress has sent a sternly worded letter demanding action.

In a sane and reasonable world, these two would have been sent packing by Harvard over this deal, and no public defender's office in the nation would touch Bharmal with an eleven-foot bohunk, which is what one uses when a ten-foot pole is too short. 

But we clearly are not living in a sane and reasonable world any longer, at least not where our Ivy League colleges are concerned.




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