Philadelphia Couple Find Love, Get Married - at 102 and 100 Years of Age

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Love is a strange thing, which sometimes strikes us unaware. Romance comes along when it will, where it will; we humans, sometimes, can only cooperate with the inevitable. Moreover, romance doesn't seem to have any age limits, as Philadelphia's Bernie Littman and Marjorie Fiterman have shown us, having gotten married last Sunday, May 19th - at 100 and 102 years of age, respectively.


Congratulations are in order for newlyweds Marjorie Fiterman, age 102, and Bernie Littman, age 100, of Philadelphia, who just got married on Sunday, May 19, at the senior living facility where they first met.

They began dating nearly a decade ago.

Rabbi Adam Wohlberg officiated at the wedding, noting the couple was unlike most others that he'd married in the past.

Unlike most others, we must admit, is something of an understatement. It's not every day a man of the cloth is called upon to marry two centenarians. But Rabbi Wohlberg was up for the task, the age of the couple regardless, and even showed a distinct preference for their traditional approach to the matter.

"Most of the couples I marry these days met on some kind of dating app," said Wohlberg at the wedding ceremony in remarks shared with Fox News Digital. 

He continued, "I much prefer the old ways. You live in the same building, you bump into each other, and you fall in love."

That, he said, is a "no-frills" description of how the couple came to be.

Bernie and Marjorie met at the assisted living center where they both live.


Now, there will be sourpusses out there who will question the wisdom of a marriage between two centenarians. Those people should be ignored. Bernie and Marjorie are entitled to their happiness, however they choose to find it. Nobody should question that. So what if the time they have together won't be measured in decades? That won't make their marriage any less precious to them, nor the time they do have together any less special. This is a beautiful story, and Bernie and Marjorie should be congratulated; their story is far more enjoyable than so much of the "relationship" hand-wringing we see all too often these days.

At least this couple shouldn't be troubled by any of the silly fads and foolishness that some insist on in relationships; they come from a time when "woke" meant "not asleep."

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Bernie and Marjorie have another distinction, as well; they are in the running for the Guinness Book of World Records honor for being the oldest aggregate-age couple on their wedding day:


The current record is held by Doreen and George Kirby of England, who had a combined age of 194 years, 279 days when they wed on June 13, 2015, according to the Guinness World Records website. 

Fiterman and Littman have a combined age of over 202 years. 

That's an impressive figure, but the important thing is not the time behind them, but whatever time they have yet to come. To Bernie and Marjorie, we can only say, "Mazel tov!" May the time you have together be filled with love and joy.

This seems appropriate.



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