'Homeless Encampments' on the Rise as Leftist Cities Get What They Vote For

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Seattle, like many of our major cities, has a homeless problem. More to the point, they have a voter problem – they keep voting for the people who have allowed the homeless problem to explode. One neighborhood in Seattle includes a senior center that is being overtaken by a homeless encampment, the residents of which are settling in for a long stay – they even have set up a pool. Fox News’ program Fox and Friends interviewed a resident:


Residents in a senior facility in Seattle, Washington are living in fear as a nearby homeless encampment filled with guns and drugs continues to expand, now boasting an inflatable swimming pool.

Diane Radischat, who lives in the Highland Park neighborhood complex, expressed outrage Friday, telling “Fox & Friends First” the problem has been escalating for years without being addressed.

“We’ve had homeless encampments over the years across the street where this one is located, but nothing like this,” Radischat, describing trees being knocked down to build structures. “They’re destroying the land.”

Fox New’s Sean Hannity shared a Tweet showing the pool:

A local resident describes how the encampment squatters are behaving, how they set up the pool, and it’s pretty egregious:

Arrowhead Gardens residents told KOMO News they are regularly startled by gunfire erupting from the encampment. Footage obtained by the outlet also shows a woman sitting on a couch next to the large blow-up pool smoking what appears to be fentanyl.

“[Residents] are now afraid to go out at night,” Radischat said. “The daytime sometimes is not much better. We’ve never had issues with guns before. This is a constant issue with guns with the present occupants.”

The encampment was able to obtain water for the pool by blocking a fire hydrant and breaking into it, according to Radischat.

“They’re still having to fill very large containers and drag it to the pool to fill it, but they managed to do it,” she said.


The primary question here for Diane Radischat is this: Have you considered voting for someone new, maybe someone belonging to a political party or having some political ideas that you haven’t considered before? Have you considered trying something different? Have you encouraged your neighbors to do likewise?

Pew Research tells us that voter registration in Seattle is 48% Democrat, with another 21% unaffiliated. That’s the trend most places that suffer with these huge encampments. And another trend is that the powers-that-be in these towns have little tolerance for new ideas. Instead, they keep pursuing policies that arguably make things worse.

One need only look at voter rolls in the major cities that have major homeless encampment problems to see a common thread:

  • Los Angeles and surrounding suburbs
  • San Francisco and the Bay area in general
  • Seattle
  • Portland
  • Sacramento
  • New York

All Democrat enclaves.

These leftist cities have been rewarding homelessness for years. They have passed out free stuff galore: Free food, free needles, free blankets, free everything. The elected officials of these cities seem to be ignorant of a basic law of economics: What you reward, you get more of. They have been rewarding homelessness, and getting more of it, to the point where honest citizens are afraid to go out at night.

In the end, Diane Radischat shows some determination to stay in her neighborhood:

Despite the risk, Radischat said she plans to stay.

“I believe we’re going to resolve the issue. It’s a human issue. These people need housing. There are many things that we need. We just need the people whose job it is to clear this encampment to actually do their job.”


Fox & Friends, in the summary linked above, apparently didn’t ask Diane Radichat about the city’s political leadership, what they proposed to do about this encampment, or if anyone is running for office and proposing trying anything new. And that’s the problem. In Seattle, as with so many of our major cities, voters keep putting the same lunatics back in charge of the asylum. That’s why these problems never go away.


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