Happy Klansmen, Happy Nazis, Happy Islamofacists

Not evil?

Just a different perspective. . .

Let’s just try to understand his point of view. . .

This is a do over of a cartoon I drew back in 2006. I wanted to illustrate the idiotic viewpoint of the leftist media.
It seemed so asinine of Matthews to insinuate that if we just got to know evil people they wouldn’t be so bad.
However, if Chrissy were asked about this quote today he’d probably say,
“the person on the other side is not evil–unless we’re talking about Donald Trump or any of the conservatives who voted for him. They’re just vile!”
I remembered drawing this cartoon when I read this article by RedState author, Bonchie, which explains that the NYTimes hates Donald Trump more than they hate Islamofacists
I am proud to be a deplorable!



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