Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the Big, Bad Pipeline

The habitual self-loathing of the American Left is perhaps its most endearing quality.

Most of us remember actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus from her lead role in the late, lamented CBS sitcom Watching Ellie.

Now she’s an expert on energy, international economy, and the environment. Here’s a video in which she expresses her opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline:


“Who can stop this mega-stupid mega-pipeline? You can, Mr. President.” Well, no not really. President Obama can stop this “brutally stupid money grab” from coming to the U.S., and he’s getting a lot of pressure from the Environmental Left to do just that. But he can’t stop the Canadians from building a pipeline to Vancouver and selling the stuff to the Chinese. If that happens, the Chinese will be exporting Canadian oil in tankers, while the U.S. will have to replace the oil with tanker imports. And tankers are a lot more environmentally threatening than pipelines.

To make sure Obama gets the message, thousands of protesters are going to join hands around the White House tomorrow, November 6, to remind him of their steadfast electoral support. A subtle hint, Mr. President.

But what makes Julia’s opposition to the pipeline and “Big Oil” so ironic is her very name, Louis-Dreyfus.

Louis Dreyfus, you see, is one of the world’s largest commodity trading firms. It is run by Julia’s bio-dad, Gérard Louis-Dreyfus.

William Louis-Dreyfus (born Gérard C. Louis-Dreyfus; 1932) is a French-born American businessman. With his family’s net worth estimated at $2.9 billion by Forbes, he is one of the richest men in the world.[1] He is the chairman of Louis Dreyfus Energy Services and the great grandson of Léopold Louis-Dreyfus, founder of Louis Dreyfus Group.[2]

Through their affiliate, LDH Energy, Louis Dreyfus has interests in, among many other businesses, crude oil trading:

LDH Energy’s crude oil team actively participates in the US and European financial markets as well as the US physical markets. The crude market is made up of a vast array of crude types, bought and sold in multiple locations. These markets transact constantly as the world looks to the US and European markets on how to value their energy.

Now, I have no idea of "Old Christine’s" ties, financial or otherwise, to her father or his firm. But in our country there’s a long history of Rockefellers, Dukes and Pews whose families built fortunes in energy, only to see the family fortune go to support leftist causes by the second and third generation.

“Let us be the generation that ends the tyranny of Big Oil.” – Barack Obama

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