Reid: Back to the Drawing Board for Energy Bill

As reported by Politico, Harry Reid has decided not to advance the Democrats’ Senate energy bill prior to the body’s scheduled August recess. The matter will be reconsidered when the Senate returns after Labor Day.


Senate Democrats punt on spill bill

“It’s a sad day when you can’t find a handful of Republicans to support a bill … that would hold BP accountable for the worst oil spill in history,” Reid told reporters.

“We tried jiujitsu, we tried yoga, we tried everything we could to get Republicans to come along,” he added.

Well, Harry, when all else fails, why not try the truth? BP has never shirked its “accountability”. They’ve said they would pay all legitimate claims, and they even set aside $20 billion for an independent claims administrator.

But more importantly, you’re demagoguing the spill cleanup. No one has ever disputed that BP is, was, and always will be 100% responsible for cleaning up the spill. The legislation addressed liability limits on economic damages of third parties, such as the New Orleans proprietor who claims her business at her bikini-waxing salon is impaired due to the spill — more beach vacations cancelled = fewer Brazilian waxes.

Democratic senators Landrieu (LA) and Begich (AK) said they intended to support the Republican version of the bill.

“The reason Sen. Reid pulled bill is because his own members were set to vote against it and for the Republican bill,” Dillon added, referring to Landrieu and Begich. “We believe our bill is better and less costly. Instead of playing the blame game, Democratic leaders should allow an open and transparent process where both sides can contribute ideas.”

Environmentalists slammed the chamber for failing to act. “It’s shameful that more than 40 senators are such slaves to big oil that they want taxpayers — and not BP — to be liable for clean up costs from this disaster and future blowouts,” said Dan Weiss, director of climate strategy at the Center for American Progress. [Note: There’s that lie again. – ed.]

“Thanks to the Senate Republican leadership, they are popping champaigne corks in big oil offices from Houston to London,” Weiss added.


For that matter, everyone who drives a car should be popping champagne corks.*

*Not to be construed as an endorsement of drinking and driving.


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