Jindal: 'We don't want a BP check. We want to work!'

On Wednesday, July 21, a crowd of 11,000 (joined by 4,000 online) packed the Cajundome in Lafayette, LA for the Rally for Economic Survival.

The message was clear and bipartisan (not in the post-modern, ironic sense common in Washington these days): the President’s deepwater drilling moratorium is an economic disaster for Louisiana.


Please excuse my shortcomings as a videographer.

I’ll embed these videos out of sequence in order to highlight the Governor’s speech.

The Governor’s speech, cont’d:

Lt. Gov. Scott Angelle acted as Master of Ceremonies for the Rally. Angelle was the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and the Governor’s Legislative Liaison until his recent appointment by the Governor to fill the remainder of Mitch Landrieu’s elected term. Angelle is a true Endangered Species: a conservative, pro-business, pro-life Democrat. The close relationship between Jindal and Angelle demonstrates that, for Louisiana, issues and common interests often transcend party affiliation. Scott has rolled up his sleeves and worked tirelessly as the point man to help solve regulatory and other issues with the newly-christened BOEMRE (pronounced “bummer”) and other Federal agencies.

Give yourself a treat and watch Scott’s introductory speech:


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