Sea Turtle Necropsy Results!

#OilSpill: Yesterday’s news, in the LATimesblog:

Gulf oil spill: 23 dead sea turtles wash ashore in Mississippi

That story said that necropsies were being performed on the dead turtles. How long can a turtle necropsy take?


Thanks to Google,  today I was able to find a reference to the necropsy results. It’s contained in an AP wire story at the website of WTVM in Columbus, GA, under the following headline:

Sea turtle found dead on Ala. shore

Results below the fold.

The entire text of the article:

DAUPHIN ISLAND, Ala. (AP) – A dead sea turtle has been found on the shore in Dauphin Island.

George Crozier, director of the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, said Tuesday that scientists don’t think the death is linked to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Necropsies on 29 turtles found along Mississippi beaches over the weekend revealed no evidence of oil.

Experts warn the turtles may have eaten fish contaminated by the oil spill. Results from tissue samples taken at a marine life rehabilitation center in Gulfport, Miss. are to return in a week.

Did you get that? Scientists don’t think the deaths are linked to the oil spill!

That’s really good news, right? Right?

Then why is the biggest media market carrying the news in Columbus, GA?

And why are you reading about it for the first time at RedState?



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