Too Much to Ask

Many of us, who have repeatedly complained about Barack Obama’s transformation of America, have allowed ourselves to be transmogrified.  And sadly most of us do not even realize it.


We have selected a lifelong Progressive to carry the banner for the Republican Party. This is a man who has not embraced our values.  A significant segment of the party has run after him, taking on his Progressive ideas, his anti-social ethos, and his bad character traits.

I and others, who challenge what amounts to this hostile takeover, are frequently accused of refusing to let go of our idealism and accept the reality of the way things are.

I ask you, Is it idealism, to expect a 70 year old man to not behave like an elementary school child?

Is it idealism, to expect a candidate for president to behave like a decent human being?

Is it idealism, to expect our nominee to be honest?

Is it idealism, to expect our nominee to avoid senseless slander?

Is it idealism, to expect a presidential nominee to put petty personal offenses aside to focus on the task at hand… winning the election?

Is it idealism, to expect a Republican presidential candidate to broaden his support within the camp instead of stirring up more strife and alienation?

Is it idealism, to expect our nominee to refrain from attacking patriots in the House and Senate who have been in the trenches fighting battles for us, while he was practicing crony capitalism and funding our opponents?


Is it idealism, to expect that our nominee would not use his current platform to suggest that the National Enquirer is worthy of a Pulitzer Prize?

I have said repeatedly that my concern with Donald J. Trump begins with who he is as a person. I cannot even get to issues without getting beyond the huge wall of mistrust this man’s erratic behavior has erected.

Tearing down this wall must be the starting place for Mr. Trump if he has any interest in winning the votes of normal people all across our great nation. I suspect there are many others who agree.

Sadly the newly crowned nominee is probably arrogant enough to believe he doesn’t need us.  Time will tell.  But at this point I have no interest in sharing the responsibility for giving this unapologetically unrepentant man the power he craves.  It would not be healthy for him.  Nor would it be healthy for our country.


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