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Robert DeNiro has been busy during the Trump Presidency.  Even before the release of this year’s The Irishman, where digital enhancements gave him the face of Sal Mineo and the body of Walter Brennan, he became a darling of leftist news channels for his willingness to share his profane political commentaries on the Trump Presidency — like when he repeatedly yelled: “Duck Trump!” at the Tony Awards in 2018 (editor’s note:  he didn’t really say “duck”).  He’s called Trump a gangster, Hitler, a racist, a white supremacist — in other words, the usual things that Democrats have called every Republican president or presidential candidate since Goldwater (even Romney and McCain, when those fall guys tried to convince us that they wanted to beat Obama).


He recently made headlines for saying that he hoped the President would be hit in the face with a flying bag of excrement (editor’s note: he didn’t really say “excrement” either).

One would think that someone close to Mr. DeNiro would let him know that he is actually humiliating himself by behaving like a three-year-old with a loaded diaper instead of one of America’s great actors in his 70s — but of course, they can’t.

No one can tell Robert DeNiro anything — because he’s Robert DeNiro. That’s how it works in Hollywood. If you are a name that producers are willing to pay millions of dollars for, you are considered royalty and no one can say excrement to you. And if you’re DeNiro, and you’ve had your butt kissed and your jokes guffawed at by terrified underlings for the many decades that you’ve acted, you can fling whole fanny packs full of feces at anyone — as long as it’s a Republican.

There has been a lot of talk over the last few years within the circles of conservative Hollywood about whether or not there is, in fact, a “blacklist” against those in the entertainment industry who refuse to toe the leftist Democrat line. Fear of this supposed blacklist is what led to the establishment of the top-secret conservative fellowship group in LA that wasn’t really much of a secret. For most of the Obama years, this group (that dared not speak its name so I won’t either) served as a safe haven for many actors, writers, and creators who aren’t leftists and don’t believe drivel like “real socialism has never been tried.”


And even with all the secrecy, I had like-minded actor friends who were afraid to be part of it. They feared if the “Hollywood” leftists found out that they weren’t also faithful segments crawling along in the Human Democrat Centipede, they would be excommunicated and their careers would wither away.

Sadly, they weren’t wrong. While there may not be an actual “blacklist” that network executives are passing around, there doesn’t need to be. Hollywood is a town run by fear and filled with cowards and a whisper campaign is all it takes.

In the Trump era, the leftists in Hollywood are not even bothering to hide their McCarthyite tendencies anymore. In fact, they blast them openly and proudly on social media. They do this knowing that, if anything, they will get more work in this town, not less, by calling for the “outing” of any Republican-leaning person in the business.

When a Trump fundraiser in Beverly Hills was announced this past September, actress Debra Messing felt comfortable asking for names. “Please print a list of all attendees please. The public has a right to know,” she tweeted. “Hey, @THR,” McCormack tweeted. “Kindly report on everyone attending this event, so the rest of us can be clear about who we don’t wanna work with. Thx.”

Hollywood used to make a movie about McCarthyism every 15 minutes. DeNiro himself made one called Guilty By Suspicion in 1991. It’s one of this town’s favorite subjects, since it allows leftists to paint themselves as the abused victims of evil Republicans — even though it was their own colleagues who blacklisted them, not mean old McCarthy.


So why do they act in real life like the bad guys in the movies they make?

Simply because when they do, they are rewarded for it. Making a vile, vulgar and/or cruel statement about a Republican is a resume enhancement in Hollywood. It’s better than an audition, better than a billboard on Sunset Boulevard. The more profane or hateful the statement, the better. The more Alec Baldwin attacks Trump, the more Emmys he gets.

There are many well-known actors — actors whose names and faces you would know well — who say to me all the time, “Man, I agree with you, but I would never say it publicly, because I know it would hurt my bottom line.” They are undoubtedly correct.

I am asked all the time if my public stances have “cost me work.” I have no way of knowing. There are a million reasons why any given actor doesn’t get any given job.

So I don’t know — and frankly, I don’t care. It is time to stand up for the young non-Democrat actors and writers out there who are afraid to be themselves because of bullies like DeNiro and Messing and Reiner, and their ilk.  If we don’t all start doing that, this town will never change, the stories we want to tell will never be told, and the excrement will continue to fly.

Always keep in mind one important thing: when DeNiro or any other member of the cookie-cutter Hollywood Left publicly longs for a sack of shoo-shoo to hit Trump, what he/she/they really want are 63 million bags to hit every single Trump voter right in the mush. They don’t just hate Trump. They hate you and me, too.


They are going to need a lot of bags of sh*t. Lucky for the Democrats, they have San Francisco.

*Nick Searcy is an accomplished actor and musician. His credits include Justified, Moneyball and The Shape of Water. Nick resides in Los Angeles with his wife and a myriad of minions dedicated to his every need and want. 


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