DC Outsider Ep. 6: The Elites Don't Care About Your Freedom, Don't Listen to Them

Fear Inc.

It’s the unnamed business the elites in America run to keep you scared and through that fear, they keep you obedient. Dr. Anthony Fuaci can’t get in front of a camera without selling Fear Inc.’s wares to you. He wants to convince you that the sky is falling and that only he can save you from it. Just do what he tells you to and nobody gets hurt.

Interestingly, and maybe not so surprisingly, it’s the surrender of liberty that he wants. Tyrants always have the answer to all your problems, and all you have to give them in return is everything.

Do not listen to these elitists who want to scare you into compliance. They don’t care about science. they don’t care about the facts. They only care about power.


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