WAPO Forgets Narrative on Illegal Immigration, Changes Headline Before They Hope Anyone Sees

The Washington Post went with an article on Thursday suggesting that illegal immigrants might be cancelling their various welfare benefits because they are fearing deportation.

Whenever Conservatives even broach the topic of welfare abuse among illegal immigrants, liberals are sure to point out that “illegal immigrants can’t get benefits.”  Turns out, they can.

According to the Department of Agriculture, 1.5 million noncitizens received food stamps in the 2015 fiscal year, as did 3.9 million citizen children living with noncitizen adults. The rules for receiving public assistance are strict, and immigrants tend to utilize food benefits at a much lower rate than their native-born neighbors. Studies have also shown that immigrant households tend to suffer more hunger.

Well of course they do!  They aren’t supposed to be receiving these benefits at all.  The fact that 1.5 million child-less immigrant homes receive these benefits is a complete travesty.

Even funnier though, is how the Washington Post initially started with a halfway accurate headline, only then to change it because they didn’t want to upset their liberal narrative overlords.



The URL of the article (much harder to change, even confirms this:


Yet the new headline suggest a much different picture:


What is the WAPO trying to hide?  I mean, is their first headline inaccurate?  Or just doesn’t present the right amount of “victimization” in the headline.  Was “Trump Murders Immigrants with Policy” a bit too premature?

Lately on a lot of my articles I have been accused of supporting Trump.  That characterization couldn’t be further from the truth.  There isn’t much policy I do agree with him on, but when my tax dollars go to support those in this country illegally, whether to them directly or their anchor baby children, it upsets me to a degree.  What I am opposed to is the media becoming a militant arm of the DNC to forward some failed ideology because it “maked them feel good.”

This is no different.  The headline that WAPO posted wasn’t innaccurate.  It wasn’t even offensive.  It just wasn’t anti-Trump enough.  We just didn’t get the picture that Trump is a serial murderer out of the title, so they needed to tweak it.  They needed a victim and an aggressor and the previous headline made the American people the victim and illegal immigrants the aggressor.  They couldn’t possibly allow for someone to think that people who intentionally ignore our sovereignty and border laws would at the same time be collecting money from American taxpayers.  They HAD to change the narrative.

I will continue to call this garbage out when I see it.  Media… I’m watching.

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