Trump EPA Goes A Long Way to Solving Flint Water Crisis; Media Silent

No agenda, eh?  Not trying to manipulate any narratives, huh?

If anyone in the media wants to tell you they aren’t trying to make Trump look bad, just remind them of this little story that ran on Friday:


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $100 million to help fund infrastructure upgrades in Flint amid the city’s crisis with lead-tainted water.

The grant announced Friday was promised to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality by Congress in December.

It aims to help Flint accelerate and expand its work to replace lead water service lines and fund other critical water infrastructure improvements.

The city switched to untreated Flint River water in 2014, resulting in lead being leached from pipes into the water supply. Flint returned to Detroit’s water system in 2015, but residents still must use filters or bottled water while authorities make the system safe.

Mayor Karen Weaver said in a statement that the much-needed money will help Flint reach a goal of replacing 6,000 pipes this year.

Isn’t Trump a racist?  Wouldn’t he want to cancel any grants for money to Flint?  What is going on here?

While the funds were granted by Congress and President Obama in December, Trump’s EPA had the opportunity to cancel or reduce the order.  Congressional leaders have hinted that the order was a plan to get Trump’s administration started on the right foot.  What is important to note though is the complete lack of coverage on this topic.


How many total articles and/or pieces do you think were done by CBS, NBC, ABC, or any of their subsidieries?  How many articles do you think appeared in the Washington Post, New York Times or Los Angeles Times?  If you guessed anything other than ZERO, you’re wrong.

People may argue that this was a decision made by the Obama Administration, but so was lowering the mortgage insurance rate and putting a halt on DAPL.  Trump reversed both of those decisions and was eviscerated by the media.  On top of that Trump’s EPA had to still make the final approval of the funds.  Had Trump reversed it, how many articles do you think would have been written about it?  How much time would the media have dedicated to it?

Yet the media is so against giving Trump even the slightest victory, they won’t even cover the news of this approval.  As of midnight on Saturday March 18, the only “mainstream” organizations to run the story were CNN, Washington Examiner, The Hill, and the Daily Caller. That’s it.  No mention on the CBS Evening News.  No story in MSNBC.  Didn’t make the NY Times.  The same media who lied to the American people about “evidence” they had of Trump colluding with the Russians to affect the outcome of an election, has literally ZERO problem with promoting negative stories and burying positive ones, in the interest of influencing the public’s opinion of Trump.  They couldn’t spare a fraction of a second to appropriately inform the people of a real event because they KNEW, it might play positively for Trump.  Anyone unwilling to admit that this is the case, would also have to admit that had he denied the funding, there wouldn’t have been a story, which we all know, is completely friggin’ insane to accept.


What liberals and the media doesn’t understand is that they are simply feeding the monster at this point.  When they do things like this, and attempt to influence public opinion of Trump, they will get caught.  This isn’t the days where the media has a tight-fisted grip on information.  It is everywhere.  The internet gives us information at our fingertips.  It is how you’re reading this article, how I found out about this in the first place, and how I conducted my investigation.  When they get caught having attempted to manipulate information, it discredits them.  It makes them look shady and wrong.  What’s the problem with that you ask?  Simply put:  when a real scandal or crisis comes down the pike, no one will believe you.  They will all think you are full of garbage and rightfully so.  It ends up doing a disservice to the very people who’s opinions they are trying to sway.   Media spends a whole day on a damn handshake but skips over the 100 million dollars to fix a two-year water crisis?

Time for the media to wake up.  This stuff isn’t going to cut it.  Report facts, (ALL FACTS) and demand truth.  While it is nearly impossible to extract truth from Trump, let that be his problem.  Let people see him for exactly who he is and not the image you want them to see.  Get out of Trump’s way and he will do exactly what you want.



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