White House: All Americans Can Opt-Out Of ObamaCare

Believe it or not, RedStaters, the White House has just announced that every American with private health insurance can opt-out of ObamaCare!

Yes. In a response to my petition on the White House website, the administration states very clearly:


“If you currently have private health insurance, you should be able to keep it, and that’s exactly what the health care law says. It’s not a question of opting out of health reform — the idea that individuals who like their insurance should keep it is a central part of the law.”

The White House repeats their assurance that no American with private insurance will be forced to join an ObamaCare exchange.

“So you’ll be able to keep the plan you like, but we’ll also make sure insurance companies are playing by the rules and that — if you want them — there are other insurance plans available to you starting in 2014.”

What this quite clearly means is that people who object to being forced to pay for abortifants and abortions as part of their “health” insurance plan can simply keep their current plan that doesn’t offer them. It clearly means that we can all have plans that don’t keep our twenty-five year old “children” feeding out of our pocketbooks. Best of all, this obviously means that–unlike ObamaCare plans that none of us have to use–the cost of our our premiums will not be going up!


At last, you now have written permission from the White House to opt-out of ObamaCare. So, when the IRS demands that you prove you have an ObamaCare-approved heath care plan, you can proudly point here http://1.usa.gov/110Q1XY and tell the IRS that, as proscribed by the White House itself, you have opted out.

You are welcome, America!



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