Watercooler 1/21/16 Open Thread - Stop and smell the flowers, Iowa polls, Ben's back


Of flowers and Fiorina: The phrase that’s gonna hurt: “She ambushed my son’s field trip.”  Ouch.  A little over a dozen pre schoolers found themselves at a “Right to Life” campaign/forum put on by Carly Fiorina at a botanical garden in Des Moines Wednesday. The Hill says the children were “directed to the front of the stage” where Fiorina was speaking.

“Fiorina, who has made her anti-abortion stance a central part of her presidential campaign, reportedly discussed at the rally a series of undercover videos purporting to show Planned Parenthood trafficking in fetal body parts.”

Chris Beck, the dad of one four year old was upset:

“Taking them into a pro-life/abortion discussion [was] very poor taste and judgment,” he told the Guardian. “I would not want my four-year-old going to that forum – he can’t fully comprehend that stuff.”

Two out of Iowa: Two polls out of Iowa today. First up is Loras College. The double digit candidates are Trump 26,  Cruz 25, and Rubio 13. Loras also asked about favorability. Carson ranked highest with +57, Cruz had +53 and Trump had +14.  The second poll comes from Monmouth/KBUR. Here, those in double digits are Cruz with 27, Trump 25 and Carson 11.  RCP has all the numbers for both polls.

Important voter info:  Sometimes polls give us more info than we thought we needed. For instance, that Monmouth/KBUR from above asked respondents what type of vehicle is their primary mode of transportation.  A crosstab matches up a candidate’s supporter with their main vehicle.  The hatchback is favored by Trump voters, and Cruz supporters use minivans the most. Huckabee and Kasich voters have motorcycles as their primary ride.  Info like this could break the race wide open. Or not.

You can’t have everything: The Sarah Palin endorsement of Donald Trump isn’t catching fire with everyone. Trump brought Palin in his campaign circle Tuesday in an effort to reach out to conservative voters. This article in Yahoo shows it actually may cause problems with democrats who are attracted to him.

 “… Jenny Terrell, 55, said Palin’s endorsement made her less certain about her support for Trump. A longtime Democrat, Terrell said she had been inspired by Trump but was put off by Palin’s extreme opposition to abortion rights.”

Did Trump even like it?  Speaking of that Palin endorsement, E.J. Dionne delves into what the Donald may have been thinking during Palin’s speech:

“The fixed smile on Donald Trump’s face as Sarah Palin unleashed her free-association, who-knows-what-she’ll-say-next harangue endorsing him on Tuesday sent its own message. “How long do I have to stand here?”

Don’t use these: Passwords are important. But bothersome. To make life easier on ourselves we try to come up with easy words to remember.  Security application company Splashdata reminds us not to go for common words. Each year they put out the worst passwords from the year before. Here’s just a few from 2015.  The worst is (once again) “123456,” with the second being “password.” New ones you’ll want to avoid, “starwars,” “princess,” and “solo.”  Oh, and “letmein” isn’t recommended either. The full list of 25 of the worst passwords for last year is here at newstalk.com.

Hillary Clinton ignores the 6 people who came out to greet her at a Beaumont, Texas airport. Once in a car, she drives off to a fundraiser hosted by a Pakistani businessman. American Mirror says she collected $500,000 in donations.


Ben Carson’s Back on the trail. Carson suspended his campaign Tuesday after one of his volunteers died following an accident in Iowa.

You can pay your taxes later this year.  The April 15th deadline is pushed to the 18th.

Rubio reportedly pulling some ad dollars from Iowa, but increasing ad buy in South Carolina.

Peanut butter and chocolate goes great together and then there’s footgolf.  Nice socks.

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