Americans Usually Care About How We Treat Our Seniors but Are Oddly Silent on How Joe Biden Is Treated

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Hey there, America. It's your good friend Duke, and I feel it's about time that we talked about the fella who is allegedly running the Article II branch of the government and is called "President" - and the lady behind him.

I know there are so many issues that we could talk about right now and if we tried to tackle even 10% of them it would make both of our heads spin and probably sink us into some weird depression. So, I'm going to do a favor for both of us and just focus on one issue that has been predominantly in the news and making headlines that is one of the more important things that we could discuss as a nation.

Yesterday, I wrote a piece here on the hallowed pages of RedState that focused on some of the speculation about next week's debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. I covered what some folks in the media were saying IF it were to happen and if would Biden be on the ticket this fall against Trump.

Could Next Week's CNN Debate With Trump Be Joe Biden's Waterloo Moment?

I put this paragraph in because I honestly do not know if Joe Biden is in charge of this country or how much he participates in daily discussions.

I say muted because I hate the fact that Jill Biden has allowed her husband, whom she “loves,” to be put through this meat grinder. Having dealt with somebody and cared for them with dementia, I just can't imagine loving the room service at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that much to put a family member through this. I don't let my feelings burst through on too many things politically, but this is a soft spot, and I feel just a bit bad for the old codger.

I had a reader mildly question whether or not I was serious about being serious, questioning if Jill Biden cares about the welfare of her husband with his obvious lapses in public which I bet don't magically end in private quarters.

I assured this individual that having seen a loved one deteriorate slowly from the ravages of dementia, I know firsthand it is an ugly ruthless disease AND incredibly taxing on both the person experiencing it and the loved ones who are watching them. I, and the vast majority of the country cannot, claim any firsthand knowledge of Joe Biden's medical records and/or history. I'm not going to pretend that I'm a doctor on CNN and make some first-hand diagnosis that of course the President has X or Z. That was the reckless game that the media played with Donald Trump during his presidency.

However, there's more than enough video over the past three and a half years to determine that there is something wrong and it needs to be discussed sooner rather than later. The world in normal circumstances is a dangerous place but if you look around the globe at the current situation you would see that the danger seems to be on steroids.

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I have no idea what Dr. Jill is a doctor of and when the whole debate was going on at the beginning of the Biden presidency that issue did not interest me much because I had watched Joe Biden for 40-plus years and was more concerned about what idiotic ideas he would try to impose on the country. Now, after the disaster of three and a half years of Biden Inc., I am going to raise my hand and ask: What kind of spouse and/or doctor would allow a loved one who is suffering from something similar to be put through this?

Americans throughout our history have usually tried to protect those at any age and condition who are vulnerable from being harmed. No matter how you feel about Sleepy Joe, you can see he is in a diminished state and if you are a CHRISTian on some level this has to be bothering you.

One of the large and gross stains on our nation's history of course was the Roe v, Wade decision in the early seventies that allowed innocent children to have their lives end in the safety of their mother's womb. Of course, both Joe and Jill Biden support that so maybe I shouldn't be surprised that Joe is being run through the wringer of a presidential campaign to try to keep the luxury and the lavishes of the presidency. 

Yet I am.

So maybe before the debate next week and the nominating convention for the Democrats in Chicago in August, people should start asking Jill, is this worth it?

Are all the trappings of the presidency living in a home that you are catered to 24/7 and the public transportation of Air Force One and Marine One really worth it? Plus doesn't she think about the pressure put on her stepson Hunter and the rest of the family with how the family has behaved just might go away and dim a bit if the Bidens just wrapped it up and decided to ride off into the sunset?

Somebody who cares about the fragile state of Joe Biden should and not just because of the fate of the country, but just for his own sake.

That would be a truly American thing to do.



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