New Ad Eviscerates Gretchen Whitmer Claim of Michigan Schools Only Being Closed for Three Months

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Poor Gretchen  Whitmer.

While it may be fall in the great state of Michigan, the campaign for Governor is heating up. The Wolverine state is feeling mighty hot, and the incumbent Guv is the one really feeling the heat.


Part of the reason for that undoubtedly comes from the fact that Gretchen Whitmer, a little over a month ago, had anywhere between a 10- to a 14-point lead over her Republican challenger, Tudor Dixon. Now, that lead has evaporated to a statistical tie, by some reports.

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Another part of the pressure Gretch feels is due to the absolute pounding she has taken after her two debates with Dixon, where Whitmer had trouble putting away an “untested” challenger. The incumbent Governor made enough mistakes to give the people on the interwebs enough video to have a field day with her responses.

This new ad from Michigan Freedom Fund is the latest example of this trend of nuking an incumbent who should have known better than to act like Joe Biden–or that Fetterman fellow from Pennsylvania –who both just make stuff up on the fly.


The ad starts with a countdown of the day that Big Gretch shut schools down and goes through the “greatest hits” of what this Governor was doing, in between making sure that the school unions in the state had their demands met on keeping schools closed. The full ad refutes the claim Whitmer made in the Tuesday debate, where she claimed schools were closed for no more than three months.

Take a look at the ad below.

Some of my personal favs from this walk down horror-memory-lane are as follows…

*Day 73 after schools were shut down. The Guv’s husband gets caught trying to skip a LONG line of people trying to get their boats dropped in the water. Whitmer later admitted he had pulled this stunt and called it a bad joke. But somehow, the humor was lost on most of the people in this state.

*Day 143 after schools were shuttered. The Michigan guv first shows her penchant for chartering private planes to fly to Deleware to meet with Sleepy Joe, in hopes of being his Vice President pick.

*Day 368 after schools were closed. Another private jet, for Whitmer to fly down to the FREE STATE of FLORIDA to visit her Dad during the spring break period. She also was telling her citizens that we still needed to not go do stuff, that we are used to doing during the spring in Michigan.


Finally, day 437 after schools were closed. Whitmer still has orders keeping to only small groups of people at bars and restaurants, yet has a large gathering at a popular bar near the Capitol.

The simple fact of the matter is Whitmer and her administration were flying by the seat of their pants during the whole pandemic. Whether it was the absolute debacle of how the nursing homes and the elderly were handled, which I covered here, or her abuse of her emergency powers, which was taken away from her and covered here; that is up to the people of the Mitten State to decide.

Oh, and she never got close to fixing the damn roads, but that is par the course here in Michigan.

As my colleague, Nick Arama wrote here just a couple of days ago: Another Debate Goes Very Wrong for Dems: Whitmer Busted on Big Lie

“Mrs. Dixon says I kept students out longer than any other state…kids were out for three months,” Whitmer claimed, as she smirked.

She’s lucky her tongue didn’t burst into flames because of that lie, it was so enormous. Tudor Dixon didn’t let the lie go by, she nailed Whitmer on it.

“I’m pretty sure I just heard an audible gasp around town when Gretchen Whitmer said that kids were out of school for three months,” Dixon replied. “Maybe she thinks she can convince YOU that schools were closed for three months, but you know better because your students are the ones that are desperately behind.”

That’s the bottom line. Does she truly think parents will be taken in and don’t know how long their kids were out of school and how badly that affected them? There are lies politicians may be able to slip by, but this is one of those things where the facts show she’s just being demonstrably false. All the people affected are going to let her know it at the voting booth. We saw what a powerful voting block parents have become, particularly in the win of Glenn Youngkin in Virginia last year. She’s already in trouble over her lockdowns and lying about it just makes it worse.


Whitmer has left way too much material for the folks on the interweb to not notice and call her out on. This latest ad hit the nail on the head, to what we have seen out of the Governor for the last four years.

She absolutely has not earned another four.


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