Michigan Republicans Pick Strong Conservative Shane Hernandez to Run as Lt. Governor

Republican Candidate for Michigan Governor Tudor Dixon ( far left) appears with her running mate Shane Hernandez ( 2nd from right) at the Michigan Republican Convention on Saturday, August 27thin Lansing Michigan. (Photo Credit from delegate R. Zarife.)

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.


Before I get into what the Michigan GOP was able to accomplish Saturday I need to make a confession about why I shared one of the most famous quotes ever uttered by a human being about humanity.

Whenever a writer here at Red State takes on the task of writing down their thoughts on these hallowed pages, one of the first things we have to do is to come up with a headline. My colleagues here are all very good at picking headlines that are both a preview of what the story will be about and also a bit witty. This helps garner interest and raises the hopes that people will click on the said post and read the wisdom that is contained below the headline.

So. when I was thinking of a headline to talk about what the Michigan Republicans did at their convention yesterday in Lansing, Michigan, with picking former state representative Shane Hernandez as the lieutenant governor nominee to run this fall, I had a headline to write.

At first, I thought about mentioning that he was Hispanic and, I believe, the first person of Hispanic heritage to run for the Republicans in a Governor’s race.

Yet, last week when I was asking friends who knew Shane during the two terms that he served in the Michigan House of Representatives, none of them brought up that he was Hispanic. What they did bring up was that he was a damn fine legislator and a solid conservative–and an even better human being. So, instead of going with the easy gotcha word in the headline like progressives and Democrats will do, I decided to take a little bit of a different path; it reminded me of Reverend King’s words in his “I Have a Dream” speech.


I know this will disappoint Progressive Princess AOC, but I do hope she gets over it before her doomsday clock strikes midnight, as I wrote about here a couple of months ago. AOC Doomsday Countdown Clock Update: We Don’t Have Much More Time Left on Earth.

Now, on to the ticket looking to beat Gretchen Whitmer and Democrat lieutenant governor candidate Garlin Gilchrist in November.

Yesterday, the Michigan Republicans met in the Michigan Capitol and officially confirmed Tudor Dixon’s choice to be her running mate in November. The meeting did not go as smoothly as planned because of some excitement regarding Macomb County, which is the home of the legendary Reagan Democrats. I will be doing a deeper dive into some of that later this week.

I wrote just a couple of days ago about some of the noise being made about Hernandez and his qualifications for the number-two spot; I was a bit confused over it. Is There a Fight Brewing Over the GOP Pick for Lt. Governor in Michigan?

From that article…

Since Hernandez was announced as the pick, there have been widespread rumors he would be replaced at the GOP state convention this Saturday in Lansing. In Michigan, the voters pick the top of the ticket and the candidate gets to pick who they want to be their running mate but the catch is it must be approved at the party convention after the primary.

Most of the whispering has been unfounded rumor-mongering from what I can tell, and here is the reason why.

When I ask for any of these wild, crazy stories to be proven or backed up by little things called EVIDENCE, I’m told to do my research and Google it. Generally, if you know something to be a fact, you are more than happy to show the people that you are claiming are ignorant exactly what they are lacking. You do it with a joy and zeal not unlike that of a child opening CHRISTmas presents on December 25th.


Even though it looked like it should be easy sailing for Shane to be picked, there is a saying we have in Michigan that goes like this…

The Only Thing Sure in Life is Death, taxes, and Gretchen Whitmer incorrectly calling us Michiganders.

We are not all male geese or stoners. Fact Check: Hey Michigan, You Are NOT a Michigander.

Yet with some of the excitement that occurred earlier on the day of the convention, the delegates came together to overwhelmingly confirm Tudor Dixon’s pick to run with her this fall. From The Detroit News

Michigan Republicans officially set their ticket of candidates for November at an occasionally combative convention Saturday in downtown Lansing, where former state Rep. Shane Hernandez was selected as the party’s nominee for lieutenant governor.

The gathering began with boos against Chairman Ron Weiser and a two-hour fight over which delegates should represent Macomb County. But it concluded with a overwhelming vote of support for Hernandez of Port Huron, a conservative whom Republican candidate for governor Tudor Dixon selected as her running mate.

The newly confirmed candidate himself made light of all the non-controversay before he was confirmed, by tweeting this after all the hot air had dissipated.


He is right about the difference between the GOP and Democrats in this regard. The checklist for being a “good” Dem goes a little bit like this…

*Support abortion on demand until birth with no exceptions and ban anyone who raises just a simple objection.

*Keep printing and spending money and act like inflation is not really a thing–and blame Trump.

*Pretending Joe Biden knows whether or not he has pants on and that Hunter is really the smartest person Joe knows.

Thankfully, the Michigan GOP yesterday–after a bit of a rough start at the beginning of their meeting–did the right thing in affirming that a solid conservative should be running with Tudor Dixon against the mess that is the Whitmer administration. Hopefully, this marks the beginning of a campaign that will be challenging the failed policies of the past four years with a vigorous campaign about how we can do better for the next four.

Ultimately that means putting people in office that have a solid content of character and their heritage or skin color is not the deciding factor. The Michigan Republicans have done that, and in doing so, have honored Dr. King’s dream in a way Michigan Democrats have yet to.

I guess we can all dream that the party of Joe Biden gets there one day.

Can’t we?




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