Joe Biden Has a Problem With Facts - We Produce LESS Oil Not More Than Under Trump

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Joe Biden is having one helluva historic presidency, and if it continues to go the way it has the first 13 months, he is going to make Jimmy Carter look competent by a country mile.


81 million voters my…

The Biden Bunch has decided that the reason for rising gas prices should be blamed on their failure to help prevent Russia from invading Ukraine and should be blamed on Russia itself. Oddly enough not on his lack of a coherent energy policy — this is not based on reality but on unicorn dreams.

Well, now, President Puddin Brain has decided that we shall no longer import that Russian crude a full 12 days after the invasion and right before the leaders in his party would have voted to do the same and embarrassed him.

My colleague Bonchie touched on Joe’s speech earlier this morning before it was delivered with this post-Biden Administration Bans Russian Oil, Tells Hurting Americans to Jump in a Lake. From that post…

In short, Americans are completely screwed, ruled by a hateful administration that does not care about them. It would be incredibly easy to mobilize America’s energy production, even if it takes some months to make up the gap. Instead, because Biden is so beholden to a Swedish teenager and the greater climate change lobby, he is going to sit idly by while you pay $5 a gallon for gasoline and 50 percent more for home heating and electricity.

The White House is essentially telling hurting Americans to go jump in a lake. Elections have consequences I suppose, but I think even the most ardent Biden opponents didn’t expect it to be this bad. Far from the “empathizer in chief,” the president has continually shown himself to be a shallow, spiteful old man who spits on the middle-class in the name of far-left ideology.


From the U.S. Energy Information Administration

U.S. Field Production of Crude Oil in barrels.

Year 2019 4,485,653

Year 2021 4,082,478

If my subtraction is correct that means that in 2019, which was the last full year before the CO-Vid hit us, we produced 403,175 more barrels than we did in Joe Biden’s first full year as POTUS. Now you might be wondering why I skipped Trump’s last full year in office for 2020. Maybe because it is much lower because of the forced economic shutdown? Maybe the forced mask mandates kept America from pumping that oh-so-ever sweet crude oil.

You would be wrong if you thought that. I was just messing with ya.

Year 2020 barrels produced…


Here is also a breakdown per state also from EIA.

So even in the last full year of President Mean Tweets and the most atrocious forced shutdown of our economy that began with the nonsensical ask of “15 days to slow the spread,” we still produced 47,085 more barrels than in Joe’s first year. Is anyone using a calculator over at the White House or are they just spitballing everything they do?

I know the answer so don’t bother answering.

Now, I know that any number at any time can be fully spun to make it look like something that it is not. When Fox Business Davis Asman made the point that Joe was not being truthful about his claim of the United States producing more than ever now, he got hit on Twitter with some splendid talking points. From the claim that millions of acres of land are not being drilled on, to the oil companies are just being greedy. We could say both of these things could be true for argument’s sake but that does not excuse that Biden got it wrong about how much we produce.


Also if we are producing more than ever, why in the hell were we importing anything from Russia?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Biden signed an Executive Order his first week in office that started his march towards renewable power. My brief reading of this order shows that the Biden team was moving to green energy at a rapid speed and a number of committees were set up to examine what they should do.

Bigger government always creates a bigger mess for those they are trying to help.

The most experienced person ever to hold the office of President sure seems like he has never watched a School House Rock’s video on how the whole process works. I guess 81 million people voted for this dumpster fire of a White House and I think we are owed 81 million apologies.

I bet you can’t find 8 million people who will admit to it.


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