Corn Pop Was a Bad Dude but Joe Biden Is Having a Harder Time With Putin

I’m sure you have heard the saying that someone is having a bad day or maybe even a week. Sometimes you might even hear that person say they had a bad year. Well, Joe Biden is quite simply having a bad presidency and it is both marvelous to watch and scary. Now that my escape plan when all hell breaks loose in the United States has been thwarted by Prime Minster Hair Gel, I’m screwed for heading north. Ottawa Police Say You ‘Simply’ Have to Comply With the Police State.

Once again, a damn Castro screws America.

On paper, Joe Biden should have been the most seasoned person to be elected to the presidency. He spent decades in the Senate chasing Robert Byrd and John McCain around for good stories to repeat. Then he spent eight years as Obama’s Vice President where he told those funny stores he collected from Byrd and McCain but claimed them as his own. Now he is President and I’m thinking the bloke is having trouble remembering where the bathrooms are in the White House, even when he is standing in one.

One of the reasons that President Obama picked this guy for his VP back in 2008 was his expertise in foreign policy. Unfortunately, POTUS 44 didn’t listen to his former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates who famously said of Biden

Robert Gates, the former defense secretary under President Obama, seemed to reiterate in an interview that aired Sunday night that he believes President Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.

Gates, who spent about three decades in the CIA, was introspective during an interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes,” and was asked by Anderson Cooper, the correspondent, about his 2014 memoir titled, “Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War.”

Cooper pointed out a part in the book where Gates called Biden a man of integrity but wrote that he believes he’s “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Well, so much for Biden and his “experience” in that area.

The Biden administration is picking right up where the Obama administration left off. Lead from behind and then blame everyone else for not doing enough. Putin may have been measuring Joe and his foreign policy team to see how they would act in the first year of them holding the reins, and the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle must have told the Russian leader all he needed to know about the new U.S. President.

This guy reeks of weakness.

As my colleague Bonchie wrote here on Monday, the Kremlin is toying with Biden and the world knows it. Putin Embarrasses Biden After White House’s ‘Summit’ Announcement. From the article…

As with much of what the White House has said over the last month, I’m left wondering exactly what the strategy is here. Why announce that Biden has agreed to a summit if the Russians themselves haven’t agreed to a summit? Typically, you’d want the US president to always appear in control, but this sends the opposite message, once again placing the Russians in the position of dictating terms. For his part, Putin was more than happy to seize on this moment to embarrass Biden.

This latest episode is just a continuation of the inane moves the White House has been making for the last month. We are to the point where the administration seems to care more about getting credit for “calling” a Russian invasion occurring than actually stopping the Russian invasion. Instead of having a tactically sound messaging strategy, the White House continues to just spew out information with no care at all for whether it makes matters better or worse.

I suppose the thinking with preemptively giving credence to a summit was to try to stall the Russians another week or so, but it’s clear that Putin is not making his decisions based on anything the Western powers are saying. In fact, a report yesterday from NBC News claims the order to invade has already been given.

America has some serious challenges before it right now. Generally in the past, when American Presidents looked out across either ocean and the problems there, they had stability on both our southern and northern borders. Now we have an illegal immigrant invasion from our south, a dictator in training to our north, and the current White House being sacked with agreeing to summit meetings that were never actually discussed other than on Twitter.

This is not a good look and even if Joe were to throw it all away and go to Hawaii to live with his former boss, Kamala is what we are left with.

As our colleague, Katie Pavlich, tweeted earlier today regarding a reminder from Joe himself back in 2020 about how Putin feared him.

Wrong again Joe.

Unfortunately, when you were wrong as a Senator or VP we could shrug it off as a country. Now as President, we are all embarrassed and this is getting old.

Bring back President Mean Tweets — STAT.


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