Podcast: People I Find Interesting -- With Andrew Malcolm

Podcast: People I Find Interesting -- With Andrew Malcolm

Welcome to my first episode of a project I have been wanting to do for a while now. I will be doing these episodes of “People I find Interesting” on the Bourbon on the Rocks platform to get this ball rolling, being I have a lot of people I want to speak with.

The perfect person to kick off this project is the one and only Mr. Andrew Malcolm. He has been a “print” reporter for some of the largest papers in the world for close to 50 years and has made a seamless transition to the world of internet journalism. Andrew and I discuss this in this episode:

*When he got the bug to become a journalist and how he ended up starting off his career at the New York Times.

*How many messages in a bottle he has returned back to him over the years and where the one he dropped at the spot where the Titanic sunk ended up.

*How his use of Twitter has expanded his world and enabled him to get breaking news.

*Also how being a journalist helped him in working for some well-known politicians.

Andrew is a fascinating man and is considered a mentor to so many of us today that I know you will find this interview as interesting as I did. Please give it a listen and send any questions comments or concerns to [email protected] Radio.com

Andrew Malcolm (Credit: Andrew Malcolm)
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