Slowly but Surely Common Sense Creeps Back Into America via Comedians

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Once upon a time in the land known as America, we were abundantly blessed with many things and our people had the common sense to do good and decent things with those blessings.


Over the past decade though, this country and its academic leaders have taken a path away from common sense and embarked on a path of canceling people’s opinions based on feelings. You see, feelings — over everything — are all that matter to these people and the results have been a constant display of their lack of common sense on an almost biblical disaster scale.

This $%^& needs to stop and it looks like the spine of the resistance is finally stiffening thanks to people who tell jokes for a living.

Many of us here at Red State have written about this subject and about one comic in particular, Dave Chappelle. This gentleman as of late has taken up the cause and the brunt of the criticism and has been pushing back on this cancer in culture.

I think his efforts might be working.

Here is the latest example of why from The Daily Caller

Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Dave Chappelle’s alma mater, walked back its decision to cancel a fundraising event featuring the comedian in a statement Friday morning.

The school canceled the Nov. 23 Chappelle fundraiser following complaints from students regarding his comments on the LGBTQ community, according to Politico, then quickly reversed the decision and rescheduled the event for April 22.

“Using Chappelle’s latest works as the impetus, we have expanded our Social Studies curriculum to include content related to political activism, civic engagement, arts activism, and the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality, “ the school said in a statement. “Our objective is to uplift conversations around artistic freedom and artistic responsibility.”

Ellington will also move forward with plans to name its theater after Chappelle despite a threatened student walkout.


The statement from the school further added…

“We recognize that not everyone will accept or welcome a particular artist’s point of view … but reject the notion that a ‘cancel culture is a healthy or constructive means to teach our students how society should balance creative freedom with protecting the right and dignity of all of its members,” the school said in a statement.

The school “reject(s) the notion that a ‘cancel culture is a healthy or constructive means to teach our students”. Can you hear the angels singing?

Now, this very well could be simply about money. Dave is loaded and is probably making a sizable donation to the school he went to as a youngster. However, with cancel culture in the last FIVE YEARS taking so many scalps in the war to silence voices and opinions not acceptable by the feelings mob, I’m thrilled to see any victory.

Those in academia, government, and social media have wrapped themselves in the mantra of this idiotic idea of blocking or canceling others’ views, which threatens the very thing that once made this country the beacon of the world. The freedom of thinking and doing the best you can with your God-given abilities. That might offend you but the world does not revolve around you, so stop acting as it does.

As my colleague, Mike Miller wrote here the other day Latest ‘Cancel-Culture’ Effort Against Dave Chappelle by DC School Doesn’t Go Well


A proud school welcoming a distinguished alumnus home to give back to the institution he credits with saving his life, irrespective of a few butt-hurt snowflakes who jumped like lemmings aboard the cancel-culture bandwagon against its latest target — a brilliant comedian and social commentator I doubt they’ve ever seen, let alone listened to, in an attempt to understand what he thinks about the LGBTQ community or anything else? I’ll take all bets that they have not — much less give a d*mn, one way or the other.

I know I might be reaching here but dammit, in the age of Grandpa Joe making a mess of this country and his pants on a daily basis, I’m going to look for any bright spot I can.

Join the movement won’t you?

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