What the Democrats Are Doing to the Kids at the Border Must Stop Now

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Last night on the weekly Red State VIP Gold video chat with my colleagues Andrew Malcolm, Scott Hounsell, and myself (You can check it out right HERE if you are a Gold member) we touched on the mess that is currently the United States southern border. How in the hell could the border go from a controlled, manageable situation before November to the cluster you all know it is now?

Democrats with misguided feelings is the answer.

All during both the primary campaign and the general one, Joe and his soon-to-be running mate Kamala Harris derided the situation down at the border that, as it turned out, was mostly under control. They blamed Donald Trump for things seen and unseen which, in retrospect, neither looked as bad as the disaster we now have. Scott pointed out during the live stream that close to 4,000 MINORS a day are being caught coming over the border.

That is just the ones that are caught.

As bad as the conditions are in these detention centers those kids are probably lucky, being they will be at least fed. The ones that don’t get caught and continue on, are going to, at the very least, be used as pawns by people looking to game the system. The worst-case scenarios are that these kids are being trafficked for purposes I feel sick thinking about, let alone writing about.

This is actually happening in the United States of America in 2021 led by a bunch of morons who couldn’t navigate their way to opening a pizza box unless it had instructions on how to open the box. You think I’m joking but not really.

Here is a video by my colleague here at Red State, Brandon Morse, that shows one of their “leaders” gussying herself up on the border during Trumps’ time at the White House and now downplaying this with Biden.

She is one of the brighter ones, at least on social media, but her arguments are as vapid as the cheap pickup lines she received as a bartender not so long ago. There is zero honesty about actually caring for these kids but just being emotional for emotion’s sake while those children suffer. The Democrats hope that will be enough to win the argument with the generation that has been brought up to think that “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” is a worthy life pursuit and so far, they are right.

Yet actual people who were encouraged to come here during the Biden-Harris campaign and endure a dangerous journey that makes the Donner party trip look like a cakewalk, are now suffering in multiple ways and the Democrats are just pointing the finger at Trump.

They know it is B.S. and, as Scott said in the VIP Gold stream, it is way past time we started calling them out on it and their lapdog cohorts in the media. Each and every time one of them spews a nonsensical taking point they need to get nailed on it. When any of these elected sycophants pops off on any platform, call them out and ask why just a mere four months ago the border situation was under control. Sure, we had people still attempting to sneak over but the Remain in Mexico policy was WORKING. Joe Biden removed that policy on day one in office and now, 71 days later, we have a mess of almost biblical proportions and Jen Psaki has to keep circling back to let us know if reporters can go take pics yet.

I’m disgusted by this on so many levels and I hope more and more Americans will become infuriated by this also.

This is an American policy failure that has been created by White House Democrats and their House and Senate Democrats pals and they need to be told each and every day this is not acceptable and it is 100% their fault.

Not Trump’s fault.

Not the American people’s fault.

100% Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the rest of the vapid talking point crew.

Let’s make sure they never forget.


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