'Fire The Damn Governor' Website Launches in Michigan but Will It Work

I don't wanna be FIRED (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Well, it is only 595 days until the next Gubernatorial election is held in the state of Michigan for Michiganians (If You call yourself a Michigander you don’t understand words as I have explained here Fact Check: Hey Michigan, You Are NOT a Michigander.) and we might as well get ready.


We are going to need as large of a head start as possible.

A group called Get Michigan Working Again has launched a new website called Fire The Damn Governor to get information out that they feel is relevant to let my fellow Michigainians know what a crap job the current Governor has done.

As has been covered by multiple people here at Red State there is some ground to cover with this.

According to the Republican Governors Association, which released this announcement below, they also think there is a lot of ground to cover here.

Get Michigan Working Again, the Republican Governors Association’s Michigan PAC, today announced the launch of a new website focusing on Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. FireTheDamnGovernor.com will serve as a one stop shop for Michiganders to get the latest information on Gretchen Whitmer, the Andrew Cuomo of the Midwest.

Gretchen Whitmer has failed Michiganders at every turn since taking office. Michigan’s roads remain among the worst in the nation, the unemployment rate in the Great Lakes State has increased by nearly 36 percent while nearly 30,000 Michiganders wait for their checks, and despite promising more transparency, Michigan still ranks dead last.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Whitmer adopted some of the strictest lockdowns in America, sending Michigan’s economy into a tailspin. To make matters worse, Whitmer forced nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients, endangering Michigan seniors and leading to over 5,500 avoidable deaths.

“While neighboring states are on the road to recovery, Gretchen Whitmer is leading Michigan down a pothole-filled road of broken promises,” said RGA spokesperson Chris Gustafson. “Whitmer’s record of broken promises and incompetent governing continues to harm millions of Michiganders, and it’s time to Fire the Damn Governor.”


This all looks good and I said above, the earlier you start the better chance to get information out.

Now for the bad news.

Lots of people just assume that because you and your friends on Facebook think Whitmer sucks that everyone else must think this way also. You would be wrong. Michigan is a blue state and while it might trend a bit red to a pretty purple on occasion it is a blue state. If you deny this God rest your weary soul because you are not serious about winning elections.

Now, that does NOT mean that a Republican can’t win a governor election here with a weakened candidate like Whitmer. However, the state is going to need someone that has some of the attributes of Donald Trump to take the state’s top job.

Trump exposed a major weakness not only here in Michigan but in other rust belt states that for almost 30 years had gone to the Democrats without much of a whimper. Blue-collar Democrats flocked to Trump in both 2016 and 2020 because of the anti-American trade policies that people of both parties had supported for three decades. Trading with other countries is a great thing but every other nation being a favored one means America was screwed and that meant Michigan also.

So the GOP will have to nominate someone here that has not spent a lifetime in politics and also has some private business experience. We need to actually come up with solutions to fix not only the damn roads but the schools also. Michigan lags behind states in categories that 50 years ago we once lead in it is embarrassing to talk about.


Whitmer can be hit in so many directions from COVID-19 to how former state workers got sweetheart deals to leave the state’s employ and also forcing reporters to sue for information on data that pre COVID-19 would have been no issue to get. She will say that she is just basing her actions on the data and science but when the GOP legislature does not even have access to it something is not kosher in Lansing.

There is also something wrong with the GOP legislators that let her roll over them but that is another post.

So this is an interesting start to the 2022 campaign and I hope that a serious effort will be waged to find a competent candidate to run on the GOP ticket and the resources will be available to run that person up against Big Gretch.

Michigan deserves better than what we have been through these past three years and I hope we have the ability to get past this putrid time.

I think we can, I think we can.


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