Rand Paul Calls out A "Karen" for Mask Shaming and He Is 100% Right

(Senate TV via AP)

Senator Rand Paul had an interesting exchange with Dr. Fauci which was covered here last week at Red State by my colleague Brandon Morse. As Brandon goes over in his article, Sen. Paul was the winner of the exchange he had with the good doctor on the theatre aspect of what the CDC and Fauci have been peddling.

When the Senator from Kentucky accepted the invitation to go on Fox News Tucker Carlson’s show to recap the exchange he had with Fauci, of course, the exchange Brandon wrote about above took center stage. Yet there was something in the interview with Carlson that the Senator said that caught my attention and quite frankly cracked me up.

He called out a Karen for Karen-ing. According to Wikipedia, there are a number of meanings for this but I’m going to assume that the good senator from the state that makes good bourbon meant this.

Depictions also may include demanding to “speak to the manager”

Here is the video of the exchange.

One thing about freedom is that freedom doesn’t have to be practical or have a study to say why you should have to have freedom. They need to have a study and scientific proof to show us why we shouldn’t have freedom. I shouldn’t have to prove that I want to be free and that I want to be left alone and to breathe the air. I’m on the treadmill the other day and some Karen goes and tells the people he is on the treadmill he is running without a mask. I mean for goodness sake is this the world we are going to live in where everyone is reporting everyone in a Gestapo is going to come because and arrest you like this poor woman, I mean my goodness. They need to present the proof and the burden should be on the government.

Rand is so spot-on here it makes my heart burst with happiness.

Some gal was so disturbed that he was running on a treadmill without a mask she had to go into freak mode. They have been so brainwashed by the likes of Fauci, who is wearing a double mask even though he has been vaccinated, that if you don’t follow the way they feel you should, then they have to whine to someone.

Can you imagine the type of mindset people like this have? They believe they are so virtuous that they and they alone reserve the right to shame others in the name of science that is not actually scientific, as Sen. Paul showed in his exchange with Fauci.

How long until these Karen-types begin to call the local police or FBI on those who choose to not follow every insignificant dictate that any government official comes up with? Do you actually think that these types of nanny state wannabes will stop on their own?

I don’t.

There is a Facebook group in Michigan called Michigan Needs an Adjustment that has been great in showing the people of the Great Lake State going out in public without masks. There have been some reports of Karens complaining and there have been some very funny responses. One of many I have read had the person approached indicating that when they have been given a lecture, they faked sneezing and then asked what the issue was while the complainer vacated the area.

Maybe we all need to start practicing our sneezing to get the Karens to run the other way.

Kudos to a duly-elected United States Senator for not only questioning an appointed official who has been wrong on many occasions but also calling out the destructive mindset of the Mrs. Kravitz oddballs who want to make sure you are living as they think you should. This needs to stop sooner rather than later or this country will be as cheerful as East Germany in the ’70s.

Maybe I need to carry pepper with me wherever I go to make sure that my path is always clear from the finger-wagging dolts the country currently has roaming the streets.

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