Geraldo Drops Ohio Senate Race Idea After Fox News Freaks Out

Geraldo Drops Ohio Senate Race Idea After Fox News Freaks Out
Richard Drew

He was in, and then he was out, and Ohio missed its best chance ever of having a guy who once blew up Al Capone’s vault for nothing as a United States senator. What a chance at history you missed, Buckeye State.

Fox News commentator and all-around fun guy to have on a panel, Geraldo Rivera made news last week when he tweeted his interest in running for retiring Senator Rob Portman’s seat in the great state of Ohio. Rivera sent this tweet last Wednesday that — momentarily — had the political world ablaze.

He rethought that idea or, as Steve Doocy said, “sobered up.

From The Blaze

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends” on Friday, co-host Steve Doocy asked Rivera, “What is the deal? You made news earlier this week suggesting you might run for office, but then I read yesterday you apparently sobered up.”

“Well, you know what happens,” Rivera replied. “You wake up, you have a dream, and the thing is you probably should keep your dream to yourself but instead I started talking to Erica about it. We both got very enthusiastic, we really do think that — you know, I’m a moderate Republican — we could do something in a state like Ohio.”

The pundit said “the reaction, the initial vibe was great but it was also much more overwhelming than I ever expected.”

“Fox freaked out, [and] said ‘pick a lane: are you a journalist or a politician?'” he continued, admitting, “I wasn’t ready to jump off my current turnstile, so instead I had to kind of embarrass myself and say ‘never mind.’

Geez, Doocy, give the guy a break.

Now I can’t blame Fox News one bit for telling Geraldo to pick a damn lane, and Geraldo was smart to pick the Fox News one. While you can’t tell from the former shock jock, daytime T.V. host’s hair, he is now 77 years old and would be creeping up on 80, if he were to be elected. Who decides to run for office for the first time in their lives at almost 80?

A person who has been on T.V. most of their adult lives and has a healthy ego. I’m just spitballing here.

Senator Portman has been a solid senator for the state of Ohio and hopefully, they will be able to replace him with a person who is full of energy and not sitting on the fence about some big issues like being pro-life and the 2nd amendment.

Rivera is a pinball on how he sees the world, and that is just not needed in today’s feelings over facts culture. His insistence that Donald Trump apologize for Jan 6th, just for speaking to a crowd and asking them to protest peacefully, is one of many examples of that.

We already have that #Woke silliness in the form of elected officials, and we really don’t need anymore.

Geraldo has had a long, wonderful career and I’m glad he has decided to stay at Fox, and give his interesting and sometimes wacky views on whatever the issue of the day is. Plus who would Greg Gutfeld tee off on, when Juan Willimas has a day off?

Thanks for staying put, Geraldo.

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