Quiet Before The Inauguration

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There is a bit of eerie quiet in the country the night before the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States. That I just wrote that Joe Biden was going to be anything more than a failed Senator or ineffective Vice President is still a lil mind-numbing to me, but it is what it is.

Many generations of Americans went through much worse to allow me to sit here and ponder today about any of this to complain though. Americans prior to my age group, fought to create this country during the Revolutionary War, fought off an attempt to split the country during the civil war, and defended against fascism in two World Wars on lands that Americans did not live on. My sitting here in shock over having to write the above sentences about Joe Biden, simply pale in comparison to those things.

Yet I can’t shake the feeling that something is not right in the country as I sit here the night before one President leaves and another is sworn in. I have been involved in politics all my life so I have been on the winning side and losing side of many campaigns, admittedly none as brutal as this, but I don’t think that is why I’m uneasy. After the nonsense of the year-long march to the November election, the COVID-19 debacle, and the riot at the Capitol last week, it all just seems to be just a tad bit quiet right now.

Maybe getting used to all the noise of a Republican finally punching back over the past 4 years just became background noise and I became used to it. I know, I rather enjoyed listening to the nightly screeching from the mainstream media and leftists in general over how Trump would just simply troll them and let them spin. Maybe he was not doing it on purpose but it did not matter to me, the desired result was achieved and it was marvelous to watch.

Last month I wrote a piece here at Red State entitled What if…God Still Wants Donald Trump to Win the 2020 Election? I struggled to consider a concept that had never occurred to me, that the Lord would push His favor to any candidates running for anything. I finally concluded that ultimately the Lord will have His will done on Earth as it is in Heaven and I shall be content with that, however it may fall. I will also pray for strength to do that being I’m not in favor of anyone representing a view of killing babies for a misbegotten naive right.

Donald Trump had pulled so many rabbits out of a hat I thought maybe he had one more to grab and maybe that is why I sit here tonight feeling some sort of unease.

Our Capitol is under a lockdown that we have not seen anything close to since 9-11. The country in places is locked down and the states that are open are doing better than those that are locked down. America has elected a person that is clearly diminished and has so many questions hanging over his family business dealings that his presidency is almost immediately crippled before it even gets started.

Yet, we as Americans have always faced trying times and I’m used to that. I’m willing to bet if you are one of our valued VIP members (THANK YOU) reading this right now, I know you have too. Americans get knocked down, brush themselves off and go for another round.

So hopefully I’m only noticing this eerie quiet being I am used to living in the noisy storm. The crew coming into 1600 Pennsylvania tomorrow will soon give us more than enough to talk about and oppose while claiming some sort of moral standing they do not deserve nor comprehend. There will be many battles ahead over the next four years and maybe this quiet tonight is just a chance to catch my breath to get ready for what lies ahead.

Maybe, that is it.

I pray that I am ready for this and that you are also.

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