Faux Tough Guy Robert De Niro Issues a Warning to Trump Supporters for After POTUS Is Gone

Ahhhhhh Robert De Niro, just can’t stop acting like a tough guy even when the red light on the camera is off. Personally, I find this behavior adorable when the line between reality and fantasy is blurred with some in the entertainment industry and they cross a line flapping their gums.


Makes me really happy.

Bobby went on the cackle fest called ‘The View’ on Friday and even though he was not in the studio he still had to puff out his chest and do his bad boy routine to try and impress the gals. According to The Daily Caller this is what the 77year old fogey had to say…

Ana Navarro began the segment by noting that Trump, despite being projected to lose, has refused to concede the race to President-elect Joe Biden.

“Why are so many Republicans still kissing the ring among other things?” she asked De Niro.

“I’m — I don’t know what — what logic to use except they’re just afraid because — but they should be afraid of what’s going to happen later when he’s not around, and they’re going to try to crawl back, the ones that would have the gall to try to crawl back,” De Niro replied. “It’s going to be — it’s going to be interesting to see.”

Trump supporters should be afraid when Trump is not around? Why? Is Donald Trump personally protecting all his supporters? Each and everyone?

What a dope.

Here you have a classic example of the sheer disconnect of someone who has spent his whole life pretending to be other people and not actually realizing he is none of those people. Donald Trump tapped into something back in 2015 with millions of people and they don’t need his protection. Trump recognized that there was a whole swath of people that felt like they were not being represented and they were fed up with being ignored. Those millions of people don’t need Donald Trump’s protection but they did receive his admiration. Something I think Bob might be lacking with these folks going forward.


Mister “needs lifters on his shoes to look tough” was not done with his non-astute observations though…

“He’ll pardon himself. He’ll pardon everyone around him, who he can, who is going to be possibly prosecuted and/or convicted, and then some,” De Niro continued, suggesting that if Trump were reelected it would be the end of American democracy. “We all know what would happen. It’s the end of this country, period. I’m not being overdramatic.”

An actor being overdramatic? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

This is considered sophisticated dialogue among the braid dead set on the coasts and it is amazing to watch but only because it is mindless dribble among the dumber than dirt crowd.

Why would Donald Trump need to pardon himself? What law did he break Bob?

Who else is going to be prosecuted and convicted of what crime? Your fake arrests in movies do not give you any credence here.

This shows how little this midget actually uses his brain to do things other than memorizing a script. We just went through the last 3 years of the Russian Collusion hoax and there was nada, zilch, and zip. He has no clue what he is talking about here but of course, the gals on The View think this is the gospel and they can’t get enough.

In closing, lemme say this.

The fella who likes to play tough guys but is a soft wet noodle intellectually must be the one living in fear being at the end of that last quote, he suggests that if Trump is reelected it would be the END of “American democracy” (we are a republic but I digress) which is inspiring. I knew that the 73 million people who voted for Donald Trump had nothing to fear as the fake mobster says, but he seems to be projecting his own nightmares of the possibility of Donald Trump pulling this victory out.


So guess who is actually afraid, Focker?

That might be his best acting job yet.

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