If Anyone Can Win This Monumental Election Challenge, It's Donald Trump

We are officially into Day 10 of the post Presidential election here in The United States of America and I’m guessing we have all had some time to absorb what is happening. Most people who have followed politics for a while have not seen anything quite like this nationwide but we know the script. Democrats in counties with large cities always seem to find ballots left in closets when someone was sweeping to get those clumsy boxes out of the way. Those ballots are always found jussssssst in the nick of time to pull out the victory for someone who was in a really close election with a Republican.


Almost like Santa delivering presents early, yet it is always just for Democrats.

So, having seen this B-rated movie a number of times, I had started to resign myself to the fact that Joe Biden would be tripping into the White House on January 20th of next year and promptly forget why he was there. This was not the most pleasant of thoughts and it started to make me wonder how we had gotten here in the first place. After I chatted with my RedState compadres Brad Slager and Scott Hounsell early this week on my podcast PODCAST: Bourbon on the Rocks 1021 Talking With Brad and Scott From Red State, I took what they said and tried to process all of this on a long walk.

Ended up being a very long walk and I almost had to Uber home being I’m not a youngster anymore and Michigan falls can get kinda cold quick.

I came to one hard and fast conclusion. Donald Trump, the Real Estate Mogul/Reality TV Show Star, has beaten every one of the odds that he has faced. I know with the 4-year Russian Collusion nonsense that this administration has faced, we tend to forget the very beginning of this long trek to where we are today.

When Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower on June 16th, 2015 with Neil Young blaring, very few people in the political realm gave him a snowball’s chance in hell. I was one of those people and so many other people that I knew felt the same way. I admit that I felt very confident in my smugness.


If you recall during that election cycle, 17 candidates decided to vie for the GOP nomination and Trump was the only person who had almost ZERO political experience. He should have been sliced and diced by the more experienced political people running like Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Scott Walker, or Lindsey Graham. Yet he rolled right over the other 16 with relative ease and set in motion the style that we all know so well today.

Trump’s style, of course, is “Take no Prisoners” and it is what his biggest supporters love about him and his detractors cannot stand.

When the 2016 convention was done in Cleveland and John Kasich was throwing his temper tantrum by not going to his own political party’s convention in his state because of Trump, I once again figured Trump was finished.

Hillary Clinton was not the best nor the brightest candidate the Democrats could offer and as we now know from Donna Brazille, good ole Hillary had to cheat to win her party’s nomination. She lacked charisma, which I really mean to say she has none. Even with those handicaps against her, she was married to one of the more ‘experienced” politicians in the last century and she should have coasted to victory even without visiting Wisconsin. There was just too much know-how on the Dems’ side and a novice like Trump should have been shredded and defeated easily.


Yet, here again, Trump defeated the odds and won the Presidency on his first attempt at running for anything. I would imagine you have better odds of winning the lottery after finding a $5 dollar bill on the ground and doing an Easy Pick number just before the numbers are selected than winning your first campaign for anything, let alone for President of the United States.

Given that Trump’s administration was hampered by the bogus Russia investigation for almost his whole first term, it is amazing that he was able to get anything done.

So, here we are, 10 days out, and Joe Biden is in the mythical office of President-Elect and Donald Trump and his legal team are challenging results in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona. The question we face is not if there is election fraud (we know there is) but if enough of it can be found before certain deadlines in December and January.

This is the biggest test that Donald Trump — or any candidate for President — will have ever faced and it is one that looks somewhat insurmountable. I’m quite certain that any other GOP candidate for President would have already thrown in the towel to receive the accolades from the left on what a good boy they were.

Donald Trump is not that type of person and I know that if anyone in the political world can do this it is the 45th President of the United States.


I learned my lesson four years ago.

This guy beats the odds and you should never bet against him.

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