What? Michigan Secretary of State Says Questioning Election Is Attacking Democracy

Democratic National Convention via AP

The difference between Democrats and Republicans in the use of language can be a bit stunning.

Riots can be redefined as peaceful protests.

Budget cuts mean that instead of a 5% increase for a budget item you get a 3% one with no cut in the base amount, which is a budget cut.


Plus Joe Biden saying things anyone else would be called a racist for is just “Joe being Joe.”

Now comes word from the Michigan Secretary of State that if you dare question the results of the Michigan election on Tuesday that you are attacking democracy. Possibly she skipped over that whole thing in the Bill of Rights in the form of the First amendment.

From Fox 2 Detroit

“Twenty-four hours after the polls closed in Michigan and I am pleased to announce that in Michigan the process of tabulation is by and large complete,” she said.

Benson’s triumphant update on the ballot counting process carried with it, a word of warning.

“Our system is secure, accurate, and anyone who tells you otherwise is attacking our Democracy or unhappy with the results,” Benson said.

She spoke specifically about Trump’s lawsuit which she dismissed as frivolous. Trump’s lawsuit focused on a lack of access for Republican challengers at vote counting locations and wanted the counting stopped immediately today.

Her commenting that any lawsuit as being frivolous is kinda amusing being she filed some frivolous lawsuits of her own that got smacked down in the courts. DENIED AGAIN: Michigan Appeals Court Rejects Gun Ban at Polls Tuesday.

However, she is wrong again, like her lawsuits above, in her sweeping statement about this attacking democracy. On the contrary, this is exactly how this country is supposed to work. Citizens of the United States of America (that includes Michigan, Jocelyn) are encouraged to handle differences civilly through the courts. Lately, we have had a number of protests that have been called ‘peaceful’ but have had people yelling and screaming and destroyed private property and burned buildings. That is not really the way we should handle our disagreements in a rational society where words have meaning no matter if the person using them as an R or a D after their name.


This is a clear attempt to delegitimize people who have some serious questions about how some places in this state handled the Presidential election of 2020. Calling anyone who is using their God-given right to speak out that is enshrined in our Constitution about anything as attacking democracy is just plain silly. That is the language of someone who feels rather than thinks and might also be the sign of someone who might say peaceful protests are actually full-on riots.

Keep making sure that your voices are heard in a strong firm way with no hint of anger or escalating to violence. That is about the most patriotic thing you can do in this democracy (actually republic) that most of us love and cherish.

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