New CDC Report Shows Wearing Masks Didn't Help for July.

New CDC Report Shows Wearing Masks Didn't Help for July.
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When it rains it pours for those that have been berating people for months about SCIENCE & DATA being the only thing to guide us.

Yesterday I wrote about the World Health Organization starting to backpedal on their original claim of locking everything down Now You Tell Us: World Health Organization Now Says Lockdowns Are Bad. Now we have information coming out from the Center for Disease Control saying that for the month of July 70% of those who caught COVID-19 were always wearing masks and 85% claim to often wear them.

As Joe Biden would say…CMON MAN.

From The Blaze

A survey conducted by over a dozen medical institutions for the CDC and published in Sept. 11’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report showed that 85% of those who contracted COVID-19 during July among the study group either “always” or “often” wore face coverings within the 14 days before they were infected. More than 70% of those outpatient individuals who tested positive reported always wearing masks. Just 3.9% reported never wearing a mask.

If anything, mask-wearing has gotten more universal with greater enforcement in the ensuing months, yet the virus continues to spread rapidly.

Recently, the CDC’s own director, Robert Redfield, told a Senate panel that mask-wearing is more effective than a vaccine. Well, have you ever seen 85% of people infected with a particular virus having had a vaccine?!

This survey magnifies the reality of the past few months. Whether it’s Japan, Hong Kong, Israel, France, Peru, Philippines, Hawaii, California, Miami, or Argentina, the virus spread wildly months after strict mask mandates have already been in place. The reality is that the pores in surgical masks are about 30 times larger than the average size of SARS-CoV-2 virions, and some of the cheap (but more comfortable) cotton masks that are commonly worn have pores hundreds of times larger than the virus particles.

This is going to get really messy, really quick.

First off, you have the agency that all the countries work in conjunction with deciding that lockdowns don’t work. This was the result of years of no one obviously actually game playing out what could happen if some virus that was anywhere near the plague came along to visit. Everyone in the beginning just took for granted that this was what the best and brightest had decided and we needed to take it with no questions asked. Now we hear that maybe that was not the best course of action.

Then the second phase of this plan was to have everyone mask up. Of course, Dr. Faucci and the Surgeon General of the United States were not for this back in March but they came around. Now we see real data that shows that the mask-wearing is not helping stop the spread. Check out the CDC spreadsheet HERE.

People’s lives have been altered by closing businesses and loss of jobs. That we damn near closed down medical facilities to only cater to COVID for nearly two months meant others’ lives were put at risk for something that didn’t have to happen according to the very experts who told us we needed to do this ASAP.

This has been an emotional response from the get-go and the very people who suggested all these things will walk away whistling while we are all left to pick up the pieces.

Those people suck.

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