Michiganians Turn in Half-Million Signatures to Limit Governor's Power, And Dems Get Cranky

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Good, ole Gretchen Whitmer has had a bumpy, past couple of days. First, a group that wanted to eliminate her Executive Orders turned in over 535,000 signatures to eliminate a law that was never supposed to be used in the way she did. Then the Michigan State Supreme Court said in a 4-3 decision she was doing it wrong which I covered here (“Gov Whitmer Lashes out at Court Overturning Her COVID Executive Orders”).


So you may be asking: why do the ballot drive to get rid of them? And that is a great question. Michigan has a new law that allows the citizens to collect a certain percentage from the previous election that has to be valid and you can turn in those signatures to the Secretary of State. If those are valid, you can take it to the House of Representatives and the Senate and, if a simple majority vote, a law can be removed without the Governor’s signature.

Currently in Michigan, the Governor is a Democrat, and the House and Senate are held by the GOP. So the very law that Whitmer was using to issue all of her Executive Orders could be removed by the very people she is punishing. Even though the Michigan State Supreme Court rules narrowly her use was unconstitutional, this drive will not remove an archaic law that does not give any input to the legislature.

As you could expect, all the top Democrats in the State were none too happy that people organized to have their voices heard. According to M-Live, the Michigan Attorney General (a Democrat) is not happy with this…

Attorney General Dana Nessel is investigating Unlock Michigan for allegations that it gathered some of its signatures improperly.



Also, the Governor hates the fact she is not the Kim Jong Un of the Midwest.

The governor has repeatedly pointed to the fact that nearly every state in the country is under a state of emergency due to the coronavirus.

The Secretary of State here, a lady by the name of Jocelyn Benson, has this view, via WNEM

Unlock Michigan needs roughly 340,000 valid voter signatures for the bill to qualify and has a 200,000 cushion. It said state election officials can certify the measure in 60 days — a figure that has been questioned by Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who has said it could take 105 days and noted the deadline is 2022. That is when the legislation would go to voters if lawmakers did not pass it.

So, the top elected Democrats in the State are really sad face about people collecting signatures to eliminate a law that they won’t be able to use to justify draconian measures. They are threatening to investigate the people who did it and drag their feet in certifying those signatures.

Swell folks, huh?

This drive needs to be completed and voted on by the Legislature in the affirmative, and more need to follow to limit bad politicians from doing more harm.


One last thing. Just in case you think the headline here is wrong, where I say “Michiganians,” you would be incorrect. I have written about that here (Fact Check: Hey Michigan, You Are NOT a Michigander.”) and I have it covered.

We are NOT Male Geese.


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