Joe Rogan Mocks Spotify, Woke 23-Year-Old Kids Complaining About His Show

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As someone who produces podcasts and does one myself, I know that Joe Rogan is the man in the podcasting game — no questions asked. There are estimates out there that he garners close to 200 million downloads per month, and he was already a multi-millionaire before signing his awe-inspiring gargantuan deal with Spotify earlier this year. There were concerns that a huge corporate platform like Spotify would try to mess with Rogan’s editorial control of his show before he moved over to the streaming platform.


The weak-kneed ninnies might not have succeeded yet, but it is not because they are not complaining or trying. As reported by Digital Music Daily

Ahead of JRE’s much-anticipated Spotify debut, Joe Rogan made clear that Spotify would have no creative control over his ultra-popular podcast, which is known for its diverse body of guests and unfiltered dialogue. However, when the program officially arrived on the music platform, fans noticed that several episodes (most but not all involving controversial individuals) were missing from the lineup.

The missing podcasts were initially attributed to a technical hang-up. However, it subsequently came to light that a number of Spotify employees had taken issue with JRE, with many pushing for the removal of additional episodes. Shortly thereafter, DMN revealed that the in-house opposition went even deeper than that, as some team members were demanding direct editorial oversight of Joe Rogan Experience episodes – and threatening to strike or stage a walkout unless they received it.

The podcaster didn’t take the revelations lying down, though.

Now, Rogan has personally addressed the weeks-long controversy and pushed back against the idea of Spotify censoring his podcast. The 53-year-old Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt emphasized his stance on the matter in the 1,544th entry of JRE, when stand-up comedian and podcaster Tim Dillon asked whether the rumors of a dispute with Spotify employees were “complete fodder.”


Later in the podcast, he told Dillon:

“But I get it, you’re a 23-year-old woke kid and you’re working for this company and you think you’re gonna put your foot down, I get it.”

The whole thing about not transferring all his previous episodes over to his new home is simply a childish act by people who have always won an award for just showing up. These lil monsters should have been told to sit in a corner with a belt whipping as the next level up but they were spared the rod, and this is the result. Woke temper tantrums for everyone.

Now, Rogan has been accused of being transphobic, not only by the kids at Spotify but by others who are oxygen thieves and have never put the time to critically think about anything other than what kind of cocoa butter to put on their avocado bread. This has resulted in someone like Joe Rogan, who actually is interested in LEARNING about different views and having an honest exchange about them, being attacked by the feelings over facts crowd. Joe Rogan has said NUMEROUS times he is for allowing anyone to do as they wish, as long as it does not hurt anyone else. What that means is pretty self-explanatory to anyone with a functioning brain.

Well, I mean it should.

I’m glad that Joe finally took this minor controversy head-on to let the spoiled brats know he doesn’t give a flying you-know-what about their not well-formed feelings on his show. I’m always really thrilled that he RTed this fabulous parody of how the Spotify brats act.


Even though 2020 is a big dumpster fire, at least we still have a couple of people who are willing to stand up to the #Woke dufus crowd.


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