Michigan Barber Who First Beat Gov. Whitmer in Court Wants All His Charges Dropped

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History has often been changed by one person standing up against the crowd and just saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We have been blessed to have someone like that during the COVID Executive Order nonsense here in Michigan to stand up and speak his mind and that person is barber Karl Manke. As you may expect, Karl has an opinion on the Supreme Court telling Gov. Whitmer to pound sand with her Executive Overreach.


Just as a refresher, I wrote here yesterday about Whitmer’s response to the court ruling that her Executive Orders since April 30th were illegal… Gov Whitmer Lashes out at Court Overturning Her COVID Executive Orders. Whitmer is not happy about her being told NO and she is threatening to still try to get her way.

Manke wants everything dropped ASAP. From WNEM

Karl Manke, the Owosso barber at the forefront of controversy over one of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive orders, is asking for everything to be dropped against him after Friday’s Supreme Court decision.

Manke made headlines in the spring after continuing to cut hair at his barber shop against the Governor’s order that closed businesses like his.

Manke is facing misdemeanor charges in the Shiawassee County court a for health department violation and executive order violation.

He is calling for those charges and any administrative actions to be dropped after the Michigan Supreme Court ruled against Whitmer’s executive orders.

The court ordered that EVERYTHING Gretch issued after April 30th was null and void and thus Karl Manke and all the business owners in this state that have been charged with anything or have had to pay fines should immediately have charges dropped and money repaid.

That Karl Manke was the original guy with the cojones to step up to stop this nonsense and is once again stepping up to lead this charge is absolutely perfect. He knows of what he speaks and the crap the state has put him through at various levels of state government. As he says here…


“I appreciate the Supreme Court stepping in and recognizing that I do not lose constitutional protections just because of speculation and innuendo. I am not a health threat to anyone, and I have a right to continue to cut hair and earn a living,” Manke said. “The Courts have consistently upheld my constitutional rights affirming that the Governor’s attempts to shut me down were out of line.”

The man just has always wanted to earn a living and be left alone and that is something worth fighting for with the emotional crumb sucker crowd in Washington, Lansing, or wherever you live.

Sometimes it only takes one person to stand up and say ENOUGH and we are so lucky in Michigan that the person who ignited that charge here was an unassuming barber by the name of Karl Manke.

I hear he gives a great haircut also!!

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