China Sends Mixed Messages on President Trump's COVID Diagnoses

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(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)


Now that the news has settled in that President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, we can look at some other things of interest that are related to this news. So, why not check in with the country that this virus originated in late last year?



As reported from The Hill

China’s Foreign Ministry on Friday wished President Trump and first lady Melania Trump a “speedy recovery” following their testing positive for the coronavirus.

The message was tweeted by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying and appears to be the first official announcement from Beijing since Trump announced early Friday morning that he and the first lady had contracted COVID-19.

Yet, the official Chinese media seemed to take a different tack on the announcement…

But Beijing’s statement stood in contrast to Chinese state media — which is controlled by the ruling Chinese Communist Party — that had earlier mocked the president’s and his wife’s diagnoses, writing on Twitter that they “have paid the price for [Trump’s] gamble to play down COVID-19.”

Now let’s be super-duper clear here, just so no one gets confused by this. China does not know HOW to react accordingly to the news of Trump getting the COVID. President Trump has never failed to let the media know that he blames China 100% for this virus not being contained in their country. He has never failed at any time to make sure to throw the Chinese government under the bus on this point. This is also (possibly) at the cost of the trade deal that he had just negotiated mere months before this virus broke out.


The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson was playing it safe here by sending off that tweet but the official media post took a shot at the American president. Chances are one of those people will end up dead by the end of the day and my money would be leaning on the Foreign Ministry spokesperson being the one to disappear.

Trump has gone straight at the Chinese in a way that no Chinese official would have ever dreamed and you have to believe they have been rooting for him to lose in November to Joe Biden. If this news on Trump somehow helps in that goal the Chi-Coms would be thrilled.

Let’s all hope and pray that Don 45 and the First Lady get over this quickly and get back to the campaign trail as soon as possible and continue to confound the Chinese.


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