Podcast on New Book 'The Unanswered Letter: One Holocaust Family's Desperate Plea for Help'

(AP Photo)

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of interviewing a number of authors on books that they poured their heart and soul into. However, I can’t think of any that match what author Faris Cassell has done here. Her new book, The Unanswered Letter: One Holocaust Family’s Desperate Plea for Help is a marvelous piece of work that anyone who appreciates history will thoroughly enjoy.

In the interview below, I talk with the author about her almost two decades of research to accomplish this book.

We cover…

*How she acquired the letter from a couple in 1939 Nazi-occupied Austria desperately seeking help from an American family they did not know.

*Her search to find out what happened to the couple that sent the letter.

*Her trip to walk the streets of Austria and hopefully put pieces together of their story.

*A previously unknown assassination plot on Hitler in 1939.

If you love history you will absolutely not be disappointed in this book. You don’t have to take my word for it, read some of the reviews right here at GoodReads, and consider ordering the book today.