Michigan Governor Closes Bars Statewide but Opens up Casinos in Detroit. Makes Sense Right?

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Occasionally a story I choose to tackle makes me wonder if I should have taken up writing about science fiction and things that are make-believe. Lucky for me though, I live in Michigan during the time of COVID-19 and I STILL get to write about fiction that is based on pretend science that no one could make up unless they were high.


Come to think of it, Michigan just did make weed legal.

Last night her Governorship, Gretchen Whitmer, issued another Executive Decree that among other things directed her unloyal subjects too…

*Indoor gatherings of more than 10 people are ‘BANNED’ and though shall not do them.

*Bars all across the state that do 70% or more in sales from alcohol must be closed.

*The three casinos in Detroit will re-open but only to 15% of it’s listed capacity.

So if you are wondering like I am and thinking the casinos hold more than 10 people at 15% capacity, and while they do not make 70% of their revenue from the booze, does COVID-19 only jump from people that are drunk to other people that are drunk.

Make sense or am I missing something?

Maybe this will help from the Lansing State Journal

Under new restrictions, indoor gatherings are limited to 10 people or less and, across most of the state, outdoor gatherings are capped at 100, though a higher limit of 250 people outdoors will remain in effect in the Upper Peninsula and northern Lower Peninsula, Whitmer said.

The order says establishments must close for indoor service if they earn more than 70% of their gross receipts from sales of alcoholic beverages. Earlier in the month, Gov. Whitmer halted indoor bar service at nightclubs and other establishments that mostly serve alcohol, except for Up North. Now the restrictions will apply across the state.


Well, that did clear something up. Only INDOOR bars with 70% of sales in booze need to close but the outside places can still have up to 100 people even if 71.5% of their sales are in cocktails.

You can tell this is all based on science right?

Whitmer had to open up the casinos even though it is a partial opening. Mayor Mike Duggan of Detroit has been behind the scenes twisting her arm to do so being the city has been losing approximately $600,000 a day and the state is currently on track to be 3 to 4 billion dollars down for fiscal 20-21. Having your largest city losing its biggest cash cow is not good for the checkbook even if it goes against the logic of the data and science Whitmer keeps crowing about using.

So politics forced the casino opening but what gives about indoor bars in the Upper Peninsula needing to close if 70% of their receipts are booze? The whole U.P of Michigan has had less than 20 deaths and just over 500 confirmed cases as reported by the State of Michigan own WEBSITE since this all began in March.

How can you justify with your data and science the locking down of over 16,000 sq miles of business and people’s livelihoods but allow more than 10 people to congregate at a casino in Detroit holding at least 25 people getting boozed up and losing their stimulus checks?


Oh yeah, money.

The Governor is on a power trip and the people who could challenge her, the GOP Leader of the State House and Senate are hiding under their desks praying that people forgot that they exist. They are scared her Majesty will yell ‘OFF WITH THEIR HEADS’ if they dare oppose her.

This is not about saving lives but saving political hacks necks and the whole State of Michigan should be ashamed of all these people. Unfortunately, it does not look like anyone cares anymore.

We had a good run Michiganians.


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