Podcast Clip: What REAL Racism Sounds Like as Defined by Sen. Robert Byrd

Bob Bird
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Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., left, accompanied by, from second from left, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin, and Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., gestures during a campaign rally in downtown Charleston, W.Va. Friday, Oct. 24, 2008. (AP Photo/Bob Bird)

When it comes to national politics there is something that people of a certain mentality ( progressives and some Never Trump “conservatives”) will spout off with no hesitation at all. That unequivocally Donald Trump is or has been a racist.

Someone who I admired, the late Andrew Breitbart said in his book Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World about the accusation being thrown around.

There’s nothing in this country that is a worse accusation. It’s where in America, if you accuse somebody of racism, that person has to disprove that.

Having had the chance to meet Andrew a number of times and hear him speak about this subject, this point has always stuck with me.


The default position for the majority of people on the left or those being useful tools for leftism is that anyone they disagree with right of center has to be racist. No proof is needed, it is just universally known, and if you do not accept that you are simply trying to hide your racist intent.


The reason this subject has once again popped up in my mind was a discussion I had with a very good friend of mine the other day on Facebook. We were going back and forth on I.M. about a BLM rally that had blocked traffic in the area we lived in. Part of the video is here on Macomb County Scanner. The argument being made was that anyone upset about traffic being blocked must have been a “Trumper” and by extension a racist.


Here is part of our exchange.


Lib) “That’s all the white supremacy trumpers”

Me) “Incorrect
Trump is nothing like Robert Byrd.
Hillary Clinton’s mentor.

Lib) “Trumpers hate black people”

Me) “Just because you say something like TRUMP SUPPORTERS ARE RACIST does not make it true. The Democratic party was founded on inequality and they still preach it to this day. Really sad”


I asked this person to back up some of those accusations and I already knew what the typical response would be. They declined to continue further which in this one instance kept it cordial.


Yet this has been ringing around in my head for the last couple of days. Why do people of the progressive mindset not get challenged more often on their radical assumption that anyone who does not think like them is racist by default?


In my exchange above with my friend, I brought up the name of former United States Senator from West Virginia and Democratic party icon, Robert Byrd. The late Senator was known as a windbag during his tenure in the Senate but he was also a former member of the KKK. In this age of #BLM and #CancelCulture, I googled the name of Klansman Byrd and I could only find one instance of any story of the dropping of Byrds name from anything.




I recently interviewed Kurt Schlicter on his new book The 21 Biggest Lies about Donald Trump (and you!) and the first chapter deals with exactly this subject of Trump MUST be a racist but people need not talk about Democratic Party folk legend Bobby Byrd. That would be uncivilized.

Here is a clip of that discussion about the Byrd quote right here. ( Warning Some Foul Language Is Used)

Kurt is spot on that what Byrd said there is RACIST. Really it is RACISM on steroids and amazing the guy was elected to anything.

Are there any other officials currently in the GOP, conservatism, or Donald Trump himself that have ever said anything remotely close to that?


We have been playing by two sets of rules in this country for a long time politically. Anyone with an R after their name ( Reagan, Bush 41, Bush 43 ) and even the lefts love boy toy now, Mitt Romney, are racists. Donald Trump, of course, has to be also because Trump is just the focus of all bad things.

Yet the folks on the left get to actually hang and openly admire a real racist like Robert Byrd and never get called out seriously for it. Byrd should have been drummed out of politics long before he assumed room temperature. The Democrats loved him so they didn’t really care. The GOP was too polite to bring up this gas bags past and make him squirm and quit.

We are long past the time of making the left adhere to the same standards they want everyone else to play by. I have a feeling they won’t like the results one damn bit.


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