Michigan Has Almost as Many Executive Orders as Four Other Great Lake States Combined.

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Those of us that live in Michigan know that our Governor can be a bit overdramatic and somewhat confusing. What we didn’t know until recently is that she really really likes to sign executive orders at a pace no other state around us can match.


This is not a case where we want to be #1 either.

From Michigan Cap Con

On Friday July 16, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued a COVID-19 pandemic executive order rescinding another executive order, which had been in force for just four days.

The number of executive orders issued by Whitmer has also generated confusion in some police departments. The Sandusky police in Saniloc County even issued a press release on the difficulties caused by so many executive orders having been issued.

“Some of the EO’s [Executive Orders] rescind previous EO’s, and some of the EO’s modify previous EO’s. For local law enforcement, this has become a very confusing issue as to what is enforceable and what is not enforceable,” the police stated in a press release.

The whiplash that both law enforcement, other government agencies, and of course the PUBLIC which have had to endure with this bumper car style of governing Whitmer has been doing is maddening. If you are wondering how many executive orders Michigainans have tried to figure out since March 2nd here you go…

Michigan has had 154 executive orders imposed by her royal highness. The other 4 Great Lake States have recorded these. Illinois 46, Indiana 36, Ohio 27, and Wisconsin 53. Are they running low on paper to print these out in these states? Did they get a shipment of pens to abuse from the Feds along with an overabundance of PPE?

That Michigan has had almost as many as the other 4 states COMBINED shows that someone up in Lansing is on a bit of a power trip and it is not Speaker of the Michigan House, Lee Chatfield or Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey. They seem to be currently hiding under desks in their offices with I’m sure with the appropriate masks on.


Can anyone rationally explain why we have executive orders issued and then reissued to clarify the previous confusing order just days later?


Can anyone, anywhere explain why we have almost as many of these orders issued as the other states around us?


Is anyone in the Governor’s office actually taking the time to consult with Law Enforcement or business leaders around the state or is this just a game to them?

I know these are mostly rhetorical questions. Yet being the press seems to not want to take on Big Gretch on why she only needs nine more executive orders to take the lead from her fellow 4 Governors, I suppose someone should ask them here. Which I just did.

When are Michiganians going to tell the Governor to knock off the nonsense and stop saying she is using data and science and then actually use it and not issue executive decrees from her ceremonial desk in the Capitol?

I’m betting we take the lead in the executive order count with the other states before that happens.


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