VIDEO: All The Karen's Heads Explode Over July 4th Michigan Beach Party.

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What would we do without the internet?

We would have never had Karen syndrome that’s for sure.

Yesterday in Michigan people all over the state gathered to celebrate the 244th anniversary of the foundation of the United States of America. Even though the COVID lurks, people took the chance to go out and enjoy the warm weather here in the state.


They roasted weenies and cooked burgers.

They drank all sorts of beverages.

They DID NOT watch any sports being there are no sports to watch. Sorry NASCAR but you still don’t qualify.

On the west side of Michigans lower peninsula in the county of Cass, an annual tradition of youngins gathered at Diamond Lake to imbibe adult beverages and try to dance while in the water and listening to really loud music. This is about as American as it can get and in any normal time, this would go unnoticed.

However, in the time of COVID-19 this is an extreme no-no. Max Lewis of WSBT T.V. in Indiana grabbed some video of the kids doing what kids do and it went a lil viral. As in 9.4 million views viral.

If we are going to be honest here, you know damn well that in any other year this is a cesspool situation but we just look the other way. What do you think the kids are doing when you send them away to college? Pretty much this but in clubs or even scarier darker places.

However, with the Governor of Michigan frowning on any large gathering of people unless it is a BLM protest of 10,000 people or more, you know that the “Karen Brigade” needed to be deployed. Who else would do the finger-wagging and lecturing of those that do this activity reminding them of their impending death.


Even in Max’s tweet above he alludes to this being a “recipe” for disaster. If you are talking about sexually transmitted diseases and possible unplanned pregnancies you nailed it. Usually, though, we call this “kids being kids” and shrug our shoulders and move along.

As I wrote here earlier today at Red State ( JUST THE FACTS: Michigan COVID-19 Numbers for July 5th 2020) our numbers in Michigan keep dropping in deaths, which are, of course, the most important reason we shut everything down.

That really is the key stat in all of this. Catching COVID is really bad if you DIE from it. If you spread it and those people die from it that is also really bad. However, since April, both infections and deaths in Michigan have been going down. Even though the last 14 days there has been a slight increase in infections here in the state, the people dying from COVID-19 are dropping.


I don’t know for sure. No one has shown data suggesting any reason for it. If you happen to have any please send it to me at [email protected].

Since the unfortunate death of Geroge Floyd on May 25th, there have been thousands of protests not only in the United States but around the world. These protests have brought together hundreds of thousands of people. Even in areas that infections have spiked, fewer people are dying.


Once again, why.

So in the interest of helping all those Karens out there who can’t help but wag their tongues and say that a MASS SUICIDE was in progress yesterday on Diamond Lake ( a DRAMA KAREN actually tweeted that), I’m going to follow the infection and death rates closely in this area over the next 3 weeks. Because that is what we are supposed to be doing, is using data to find out what is happening.

I will be writing my findings here and making sure to let all of you know what is happening. If the trend continues as it has since May 25th than the only recipe for disaster we will need to worry about, is trying to figure out how those kids will get jobs to be able to pay for penicillin shots.

I won’t explain why.


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