Michigan COVID Deaths Drop yet Gov. Whitmer Issues More Lockdowns

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Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Since the beginning of March, Gov. “Ironfist” Whitmer of the great state of Michigan, has demanded obedience from her subjects by signing over 200 Executive Orders demanding that they…

*Not buy lawn care equip from stores over 50,000 sq ft but under 49,999 sq ft is ok.

*Be banned from golfing, then you could golf but not with a golf cart. She relented on the golf cart bit after someone told her the silliness of that.

*You could go fishing in a canoe but not a motorboat.

You could see how the people of Michigan might be scratching their heads wondering what data and science the good Guv might be seeing to make all those confusing decisions. Lord knows the rest of the country was looking on in disbelief.

As Michigans cases of COVID-19 dropped, so did the death toll and she finally “allowed” her weary subjects to start to enjoy some of the freedoms they had before this pandemic hit us. However, last Wednesday she pulled back some of those rights because of the infection numbers experiencing a slight rise.


According to The Detroit News

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is ordering the closure of all indoor bars as well as most strip and night clubs through much of lower Michigan to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

Bars can continue to serve outdoors, Whitmer said Wednesday, and the governor recently signed a package of bills allowing for cocktails-to-go and “social districts” where customers from different establishments can eat and drink their purchases in an outdoor common area. The governor’s order goes into effect at 11 p.m. Wednesday.

Whitmer is making a distinction between restaurants and bars by applying her order to all facilities with on-premise retailer liquor licenses that earn more than 70% of their money from alcohol sales. Most brewpubs, vineyards and distilleries will not fall into that category, Whitmer said, but night clubs, strip clubs and traditional bars will.

The governor’s edict excludes Regions 6 and 8, located in Northwest Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, where cases and deaths have remained low.

The decision comes after spikes in COVID-19 cases in the Grand Rapids, Lansing and Kalamazoo regions, and as nearly 25% of the newly confirmed COVID-19 cases in June statewide occurred among individuals between the ages of 20 and 29.


I have asked around how one determines the science and data making a distinction between a brewpub or vineyard that is indoors.  I hope someone gets as drunk as the officials that come up with these rules and then can explain it to the rest of us. Unfortunately with the new order, the options for these people to do so and get boozed up are limited.

I seem to recall though when this whole $%^$how began that we were all told that the reason we had to shelter under our beds and not go golfing was that if we caught the COVID that we were in a really good position to DIE. That is why we had to shut down the economy, add close to 4 trillion dollars to the national debt almost overnight, and make sure to wash our hands.

However, as the numbers of infections have jumped across the country, in Michigan, they have jumped slightly yet fewer people are dying. How can this be?

In the past seven days here in the Great Lakes State we have had these many deaths…

June-29 (2)
June-30 (2)
July-1 (4)
July-2 (32)
July-3 (4)
July-4 (4)
July-5 (0)

The latest numbers for today you can find RIGHT HERE. Today’s number of zero deaths is the first time Michigan has hit that number since March.

Even with the spike on Thursday, July 4th, we are still averaging for this period just over 6 deaths a day. Every life is valuable and important ( including the unborn) but is it worth shutting businesses down again over this? From the peak of April 21 where Michigan had 232 deaths, the total has only been dropping since.

How much longer do we have to put up with the lack of science and data to explain decisions? How much longer should we allow politicians who are Executive Order happy to continue to destroy businesses and lives due to whims?

We need to start asking these questions today and demanding answers before it is too late.


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