NEW POLL: Over Quarter of Democrats Want New Nominee After Biden Sex Harassment Denial

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Poor Joe Biden can’t seem to get much of a break.

On the heels of a poll of Biden barely leading Trump we now have info that over 25% of Democrats want someone else as their nominee. That mixed in with the Bernie Bros who are still smarting from Joe beating the Bern and he is headed for some rough waters.


Former V.P. Joe went on the “Morning Joe” program and read his lines just about as perfectly as someone in his state of mind could allow him too and it still didn’t convince the supermajority of people he is the guy to beat Trump.


From the Washington Times

More than a quarter of Democrats who were shown former Vice President Joseph R. Biden’s recent denial that he sexually assaulted a former staffer want someone else to be the party’s presidential nominee, according to a survey released on Monday.

Twenty-six percent of Democratic voters who were shown a 35-second video clip of Mr. Biden’s unequivocal denial that he sexually assaulted Tara Reade, a former Senate staffer, want the apparent nominee to be replaced by someone else, according to the Morning Consult poll.

More than six in 10 voters said Democrats should stick with Mr. Biden.

Only six in 10? Compare that with Donald Trump who has a mid 90’s approval rating among Republicans and it shows that you have a bit of a problem among your base if you are #TeamJoe.


Digging deeper into this mess it seems that 45% of the 45 and under crowd would like the Democrats to pick another nominee. I have no doubt that some of these folks were the all so important Bernie Bros but what if the majority were not. This shows that Biden is not connecting with the under 45 crowd and that will deprive him of money and votes. This demographic is also the one that is more social media savvy and will no doubt be inundated with videos of Joe drooling all over his words.

Also, he still only is favored by over 45 crowds by 85%. That is still nowhere near where Trump is with the more solid part of his base. This is almost as concerning as any other indicator.

Here is the killer though.

Only SIXTY-ONE percent found his denial about the Tara Reade allegations credible. If my math is correct, that means that 39% find it not believable and that means trouble for good ole Uncle Joe. He has only had ONE interview about this and when he gets turned over to the one or two other MSM reporters that will have the guts to ask him about this, you better believe he is going to fold. Jill Biden might actually dislodge his arm from his shoulder being she will be yanking on him so hard to get away from such a reporter.


My money is on Peter Doocy will be that guy.

The real campaign of Joe getting bombed by the Trump camp has not even begun yet because of COVID-19 and he is already lagging with his own base that is supposed to hate Trump more than life itself.

These are not happy times for the never going to be 46th President of the United States. Finally, after the third try, he gets the nomination and he is going to fumble his way into obscurity. It makes you almost feel bad for the guy.

If you were passed out from getting drunk.

Thankfully, I’m not.


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