Biden Sees Trump in His Rear View Mirror in New National Poll 

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With all the craziness around COVID-19 going on, it is sometimes shocking to think that we were in the middle of one of the greatest primary season/train wrecks in American history before the virus took over. The Democrats were on their way to a bloody battle royal where Bernie Bros would take on the old guard of Sleepy Joe and his establishment minions in Milwaukee this summer.


We have been robbed of that spectacle but a Presidential election must go on and it is good every once in a while to go back and see how the candidates are doing. With all the blame the Democrats and the media have thrown at Trump you would think Joe should be ahead by 8 to 10 points.

He is not.

From Reuters

Joe Biden’s advantage over President Donald Trump in popular support has eroded in recent weeks as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee struggles for visibility with voters during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday.

The opinion poll conducted on Monday and Tuesday found that 43% of registered voters said they would support Biden in the Nov. 3 presidential election, while 41% said they would back Trump. That makes the contest essentially a toss-up, as the results are within the poll’s credibility interval.

Toss up is right. With all that the media has thrown at Trump since January, his candidacy should be as dead as Hillary Clintons’ personality. The cheap joke would have been to say as people who have dirt on her politically but sometimes you go for truth instead of low hanging fruit.


The President has laid the groundwork going into the summer to gain some ground and go into the fall in a very strong position. In the poll, 45% of those surveyed say that Trump is better for the economy compared to the 32% that say Biden is the guy. That leaves 22% undecided but gives Trump a commanding lead to his advantage. Also this doubles the gap Trump had against Biden when this questioned was asked in April.

On who is handling the COVID-19 better, 37% picked Trump over 35% picking Biden. This is a direct result of the media pounding that Trump has received on this issue. Biden has been hiding in Jill’s basement since this all began and has still managed to flub all the key lines. He has not said what he would have done differently other than rub someone’s neck. Even though this is close it is an improvement once again from last month where Biden had the edge.

This poll also does not include a full couple of months of Biden trying to avoid questions about what his former staffer Tara Reade has alleged he did to her back in the early 90’s. Going on Morning Joe and being able to finally read his pre-prepared notes is not going to cut it.


When Joe emerges from the basement he is going to have to face the give and take of the press on this issue and we all know that is not going to end well. How could it? Someone is going to be treated to threats of being taken back behind a gym for a whooping or a push-up contest will ensue. My money is on Joe doing them wrong.

This latest poll is just another indication that with everything thrown at Donald Trump it is amazing that he is not only still in the race but leading in some categories. That is a much different position from where he was in 2016.

We haven’t even gotten to the rallies or debates yet.

What a time to be alive


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