VIDEO: Protester Violates Gov. Whitmer's Order on Landscaping at Her Mansion With a Weed Wacker

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FILE –NOT AMUSED. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File)

Michiganians are getting restless with spring upon us and Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Executive Order banning things like…


*Buying paint from a store that is bigger than 50,000 sq ft but allowing you to buy it from stores that are under 49,999 sq ft.

*Buying equipment to start a garden or improving your yard under the same store size requirements.

*Also, paying someone to simply Cut. Your. Lawn.

Well, one man wanted to show a lil’ kindness to the Governor and offered to spruce up her lawn just outside the gate of her mansion today. Nicholas Somberg is his name and quite frankly, he is the hero we need, not the one we deserve.

Good ole St. Nick showed up with some other protestors outside the residence armed with only a weed wacker and the intent to show that maybe banning anything on paper might sound great in a meeting, yet might not actually be wise.

Mr. Somberg is an attorney for his day job but was able to find some time (who doesn’t have time these days?) to do a Facebook video and at the same time lodge a protest in an interesting way. He started off the video explaining why he was there.


So it is a crime, it is a misdemeanor to do the lawn to do any landscaping on any property that is not your own. Although we come here and see that her lawn is already done.

Imagine that, the Governor has her place looking spiffy. Hopefully, she also has toilet paper.

Check out Nicholas Somberg Facebook Video right HERE

There is a big protest being planned for next Thursday, April 30th in Lansing, so expect to see more of those Assault Wackers out in full force.


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