Busted: Twitter Suspends 70 Pro Bloomberg Accounts For Spamming

Raise Your Hand If You Got BUSTED For Breaking Twitters T.O.S. (AP Photo/John Locher)

You know you are having a bad week when a fellow billionaire who shares your views on stuff has to ban some of your people from spreading the good news. Even, if only, because they are saying the same thing over and over and over again.


Can’t someone just change a couple of words in this tweet to mix it up? CMON PEOPLE.

From Fox News

Twitter is reportedly suspending 70 accounts, some of which are backed by Michael Bloomberg’s campaign, that have posted identical messages in support of the Democrat’s presidential bid, calling the content “platform manipulation.”

The Los Angeles Times examined the accounts and alerted Twitter, who on Friday determined the posts violated company policy and said they would begin suspending the profiles.

A portion of accounts are operated by Bloomberg campaign workers — called “deputy field organizers” — who pump out pro-Bloomberg content across social media networks, including Twitter, for $2,500 a month, the report said.

Look, if you are a deputy field organizer and you are not smart enough to change a couple of words on a pre-written tweet you are getting overpaid. These field organizers have to be making more than the $2,500 the lower level Bernie Bros are making in the Bloomberg Campaign. ( I have a theory that Bernie Bros are earning these 2.500 dollar checks while still supporting Bernie being we know Bernie is not paying squat.) Just change 10 words on each and you should avoid detection.

The underlying story here though is that Bloomberg is paying people JUST TO TWEET and these are so far the only ones to get caught. How many more people are out there tweeting and posting on Facebook or stories like this right here? This is why when I read that people think that Mini Mike’s disastrous debate last Wed in Las Vegas is the end of him, I shake my head. The guy is paying people over $600 a week to tweet and do other social media.


Have you seen his T.V. ads by the way?

When someone is willing to spend the gazillions that Bloomberg seems ready to do, you cant truly write him off until he says he quits. Then, much like a vampire, you better make sure the stake is through the heart and the sun turns him to dust otherwise he is truly not gone.

Bloomberg in a lot of ways is like Trump, he does not like to lose and he adapts to win. He is spending the money as we speak to do this so don’t count him out just yet.

His people just got caught doing something that Jack over at Twitter had to slap their hand on.

They will be back.

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